Kiira will help! :D

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  • Well, I could definitely do that. :P That template may actually be too difficult, should I make a more simplified one?

  • thanks for that zombie sprite sheet you made the other day its brilliant do you think you could make me some 2d or 3d platform tiles and maybe even some backgrounds?(only if you have enough time)

  • BluePhaze Are you looking for something that looks like this? If so I can make a template and example of how to do it. I'm not sure if I do it differently than other people do or not.

    danielshunter For this kind of art I have all the time in the world. I'll do that and get back to you soon.

    Thanks for the requests everybody :)

  • thanks mate

  • Kiira I'll take a more simple template if it can be more simple. Better make every pixel count the easier way.

  • Pretty much, I am looking for a template that covers each corner direction, top, sides, inner blocks, Think taking a chunk of land and cutting up in a tic/tac/toe type of cut to get tiles from each corner and the center. Then also doing sloped tiles similar to what you did (though maybe not at a 45 degree angle) to use in some places. The hard part is making all these tiles still be able to fit together seemlesly. Here is an example of some of the basic tiles I worked on a while back, this is a very rough example with no angles. Note that this is a set of about 20+ different tiles as I had to account for all sides as well as blocks that don't have a border, but touch corners, etc... This is a sample from a prototype using very much primitive tiles.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • are u done yet?

  • are u done yet?

    I know you probably don't mean it but let's not start rushing something that's going to be free.

  • BluePhaze Those are some really long words man. o.o I don't really understand what it is you're trying to say, my vocabulary isn't near as big as yours. haha

    danielshunter sorry, I've been working on 4 different things all at once so I've been kind of slow. :P But I have some made and I'm curious is this what you were talking about with the whole 2d/3d tiles?

    rosareven Thanks for understanding. Haha xD I may be good, but I'm not good enough to make everything in one day.

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  • yes and thanks

  • danielshunter yepp, no problem!

    rosareven Would you by chance want something that's actually the legit RPG maker sprite template? Because if you want something that looks just like that, I actually suggest you use this website:

    It has a BUNCH of character templates and assets that you can add to them just from a click of a mouse. :) Why waste time spriting like me when you can use this? xD

  • Kiira I do use that website's character generator. I just want to learn by example how someone would make a complete sprite sheet so fast like you, which you might not agree but you're doing a lot more efficiently than I am. Thanks for pointing out charas-project though.

    There will come a time when I have to sprite my own characters just in case charas-project isn't enough (or if charas-project is down!).

  • Well... I mean, I could give you more templates to work from, but it really wouldn't be too different from Charas project rpg sprite bodies that they have on there. I guess the way to make a sprite sheet is just to think about it all before you make it, or take something to work from. The zombie sprite sheet I made I actually just had a sprite of an adventure guy jumping so I changed the size and changed it into a zombie then two more that faced up and down instead of left (the original sprite was facing left).

    That's the easiest way, just work from an example, as you're trying to do here, but to work from scratch you'd need to know where to generally change each pixel before you start and it's a bit complicated, but gets easier because you can go back and change it. Hmm :P Idk if I can help much there, but I can give you another template if you'd like?

    I'd just advise you to think of it more like you're making something in Minecraft. I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks of it that way. I just plan the whole thing out before I even start and then I build it, block by block.

  • Actually you know what, it's not a sprite template that I need, but your advise right there. In the end I really just want to learn how to "dress my own characters" so to say.

    From time to time I also wonder exactly how many new 16x16 sprites can the world make, since you know, there're only 16x16 possibilities... And one pixel of difference is going to make it look the same.

    Thank you for being a big help =D

  • Oh haha it's no problem at all. Well, that's some complicated math right there... I wouldn't know how to write it... Ugh, I shouldn't have forgot that part of Algebra class, since I just went over it, but I'll look on the calculator... Oh!

    16! + 16! = x

    255 * 255 * 255 (for RGB) * 100 (for opacity) = y


    I believe that would be a reasonable equation. :)

    EDIT: My bad, it would be 255 * 255 * 255 = y then y! then y! * 100 = y

    and that's over 1 million results. xD

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