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  • Hmm. What do you mean? I do believe I can do any sort of sprite. Could you show me an example? :)

  • Kiira

    thank you very much. We will be keeping in mind MMO design and admin access. I'll pass on admin details to awarmenhoven.

  • Hmm. What do you mean? I do believe I can do any sort of sprite. Could you show me an example? :)

    I don't know how to post sprites on here just yet, still getting used to it, but a great example would be a game called "Cube World." I'll give you a link:

    I think it is called something like "Vox" graphics? I'm not sure.

  • jayderyu, Anytime! I can't wait for this to be released, I'll be checking up on the updates! Will most likely use it a lot!

    Terraria, the only problem with this is that these Vox graphics are not actually sprites, but I believe that in a way the could be. I could make sprites that look like this.

    You just gave me a great idea though. My own Vox plugin in Construct 2. I'm not sure how I'm going to do this, I've been getting ideas of what I already know how to do with it.

    Can you be a bit more specific though? Would you like sprites, or vox graphics?

  • Terraria , that's not even 2d , it's 3D voxel-based engine !

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  • Voxel type sprites can be done.Using a 3d app which can render 2d sprites. Anything is possible if you know how to do it.Although it's not 3d you can always make it look like 3d using pre rendered 3d sprites.

  • Kiira

    You were mentioning you can do music

    I'm wanting to make my own music so was wondering if you'd advise me on possible programs/tutorials, or how you do it?

    Also if could burden with you a task <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    a loopable background track

    energetic with deep bass if possible

    any instrument sound is ok


  • Well we will update the thread once we have more news. Right now it's all in the infancy stages. Also awarmenhoven is a busy guy :P so he may have the skills, but time is needed :D

  • DravenX, you're right about the Vox sprites. Though, I don't see the point of rendering 3d then turning it to 2d. I'd rather just make a sprite, it's faster for me. To each his (or her) own, I guess.

    DrGreenThumbCAN, FL Studio, that's what I use. It's very good for any kind of music and extremely simple to use. There are tutorials all over Youtube for it, but I wouldn't know which ones to tell you are best. I kind of just learned how to use the program on my own, it's pretty self explanatory. Also, yes I can make you a sound track, would you like it to be a long 3 minute song with variation, or just something short? I will upload a track that I made for a very small game I actually just made today and will be uploading tomorrow:

    It's not exactly a good song because I made it in about a minute. Though, it is energetic and has some deep bass. Problem with the bass is that I made it so low that only bass amplified speakers can play it. As to a song I can make for you I could make the bass low, but high enough to be heard with normal speakers.

    jayderyu, that's completely understandable and also the reason why I was planning on making my own plugin. I hate having to postpone games and my beta release of my game Fate Falcon Online is basically complete, but I can't add in the online multiplayer which completely defeats the purpose of the game itself. I should have probably checked the multiplayer stuff before I scheduled the release date to be the 30th of this month. Though, I'm sure I can find some way to work around this until I get it all working.

    EDIT: I believe that I only said that it'd be released on the 30th on my website. I think that if I postpone the HTML5 version, but upload a Windows 8 version made on Game Maker to be beta tested it should work. So, I'm in no hurry. Also, this gives a chance for players to shoot me an email about designing them a custom ship for a longer period of time then I'd originally decided upon. (Mostly because nobody has even emailed me about it yet.) Anyways, I'm good and will most likely be satisfied by the results of this plugin.

  • Kiira

    Thanks at work now so will listen to the track when get home tonight

    thanks for the info I hear many good things about FL Studio

    any length is fine 3 mins honestly pre long for level time

    maybe 60 secs would prob be enough


  • DrGreenThumbCAN, Alright, I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. :) I've been working a lot lately. Not much free time on my hands, but I'll make that song for you today.

  • DrGreenThumbCAN, Alright, I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. :) I've been working a lot lately. Not much free time on my hands, but I'll make that song for you today.


    no problem I know how it goes with work been doing extra hrs myself

    Whenever it is finished is just the right time no rush

    thanks again

  • Kiira

    Wow this is really good of you!

    I couldn't help but notice you uploaded 'Thing Thing Arena' onto your website.. can I ask why? I swear that's by a group called disease something.

    Anyway I'll probably be using some of these. Just to confirm you're giving these assets away for free for commercial and non-commercial uses?


  • DrGreenThumbCAN, I am so sorry for not uploading the song. I feel so unprofessional for not taking the time out of my schedule to do this for you...

    Sulli, yes, that is not made by Kiira. Currently, the website is being worked on. When the changes are uploaded, that game will no longer be on the website. My friend told me I should put it on there so he could play it at school. I'm sure he wouldn't notice if I took it off. Also, I was wanting to experiment uploading flash content to the website anyways. I prefer not to use flash though, now that I program using HTML 5, which all of the uploads to the website are going to be wrote in.

    Though, I do appreciate the time you put into actually looking over my website.

    By the way, as the rightful release of the assets being used for commercial use, I cannot give to most. I must also inform to you that along with the update to the website I will be posting for noncommercial or commercial use. Though, all sprites can be used for commercial use, if you feel like using them. The textures and UDK assets were assembled from things I got off of the internet. I will no longer be posting other people's things on the website after the release of the new website. I figured at the time I created it it wouldn't be an issue. Clearly, it will be now that I'm becoming more popular.

  • Kiira

    no worries

    I'm busy also

    wish I had more time to work in C2

    think I need an inspiration Eureka moment

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