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  • Softgames.de I contacted and got back the following message:

    "thanks a lot for your interest in the publishing and sponsorship deal with Softgames. We really appreciate your time in contacting us!

    Unfortunately due to some technical Reasons we can not accept any Construct 2 games. Sorry!

    However please let us know, if you have any new titles with other engines (eg Cocos-2d-js) to keep the discussion. "

     They just me, or distributors are now "preconception" to construct 2?

    Unfortunately this doesn't surprise me. I have dealt with a few high profile HTML5 publishers for my games (including some of those listed in this thread) and was often appalled but their QA process. Note I am not talking about very limiting requests like the requirement to still support the Android stock browser that came ages ago in version 2 but some really silly things. For example, I got a game rejected because... brace yourself, I have to tell you this!

    To fit in the 5MB requirement I had to remove music and only rely on SFX. The publisher ads were then called on the level selection screen before the actual game started. Audio was muted and game paused as requested but, since the ad was superimposed to the selection screen and there were no sounds playing at that time anyway, QA rejected the game because "they can't test audio is actually muted when the ad is displayed" since there were no sounds being played there anyway!!

    I mean, they couldn't test audio was muted when the ad showed because there was NO audio regardless (so it actually didn't matter at all whether I was muting the audio for the ad or not since no audio would ever play there regardless of the game settings to potentially interfere with their ad) and they rejected the game for this! actually I am still laughing at this...

    Other times builds get rejected for a bug without providing the steps to replicate it (which is the ABC of proper QA testing) or also due to browser bugs, like a grey bar appearing in Safari iOS 7.1 with minimal UI settings when changing for portrait to landscape rotation. There is a workaround in JS but this requires to have direct access to the page code to modify it. This is where our beloved Construct 2 kind of fall shorts and probably the reason why some publishers like Softgames are deciding not to take C2 games anymore since the fine-tweaking and nitpicking they require are not easily accomplished.

  • Can confirm Softgames still don't accept games created with Construct 2. Got the same reply.

    Maybe Scirra can contact Softgames and assist them with the "technical reasons".

  • This is an interesting thread. Although no experience with publishers for C2 games, I understand there are limitations brought about by the same principle that makes C2 easy to use.

  • Congratulations PixelPalette, all the best

  • Hey, Good job on the sponsorship!

    Do they still offer sponsorships?

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  • We just contacted the publisher ourselves to gauge interest!


    Thank you for the info!

  • I know this topic is 2 years old , but is there any new list for html5 ACTIVE publishers? Thanks!

  • I know this topic is 2 years old , but is there any new list for html5 ACTIVE publishers? Thanks!

    The post posted (just above yours) is probably the most reliable out there that I know of. Not sure if True Valhalla actually regularly updates the list though. Because that would be nice. All I know is that he created the list originally in 2015 or 2016.

    Also, what I'd like to see is a much more detailed list, could be anyone posting it, with details as to what kind of games they want/accept. Like; mobile, desktop or both, or native, and which audience they cater to (kids, adults, teens etc). Of course, quality of your game should always be top notch, but knowing which publishers have the highest requirements would also be nice for us 'newcomers'.

    I'm also very curious as to which publishers accept Construct 2 games, granted that we use a custom loading bar/splash.

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