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  • For those who almost drown in their own creativity, for my first OBC, you're challenged to make a short game based on the "No man's land" theme. Any genre allowed. Construct Classic only for now.

    Needed files: Provide a working .exe only. No source required.

    Theme: "No man's land" refers to a place, zone or area where you shouldn't be. Usually, those places are somewhat unhealthy.. So the theme is not "A dangerous area" but your own interpretation of No man's land.

    End: You have until June 19th 23:59 to submit. Vote will run until June 24th 23:59. (GMT)

    After upload, make sure the download link works.

    Rule: Made in a single layout.


    -One Buck! (via PayPal)

    -A brand new forum avatar courtesy of procrastinator

    If Ashley.Accept(Procrastinator.Bribe(2)) == False Then
         Procrastinator.Money += 1[/code:2vmw5hfo]
    [u]Post[/u]: Please post a [b]single post per entry[/b] (multiple entries allowed) Just edit your post to update game status. Games will be judged with latest version available in your post.
    To make sure I won't forget any entry, add the tag [b][u]OBC ENTRY - YourGameTitle[/u][/b] at the top of your entry post.
  • For clarification, could you describe the theme a bit more? I'm being a bit slow today.

  • yes, some description would be helpful.

  • There you go, added brief description.

  • It is most commonly associated with the First World War to describe the area of land between two enemy trenches

    See here -'s_land - usually it refers to the land in the middle of a battle, which neither side has conquered yet, so it doesn't belong to anyone (no man).

  • And maybe because "no man" would be foolish enough to set foot out there between the trenches?

  • Yeah that's what I meant by "where you shouldn't be" and "somewhat unhealthy".

    When it comes to urban area, it can be qualified as a sniper playground like in Enemy At The Gates.

  • I'll add an additional "prize" (if you want to call it that).. I'll draw you your own personal avatar for these forums up to a size of 100x100 (not animated - see after closing bracket why) to get over my procrastinating. If I enter and *win (ahem) then woohoo I can draw myself a new avetahr! Nah I'll draw the runner up's of course....

    *Obviously I will win 'cause I'll just pay Djordhan $2 to let me win!! Oh wait it's based on votes? $2 coming your way Ashley!

  • Does it mean "No man's land" more like Limbo?

  • Does it mean "No man's land" more like Limbo?

    I'll quote from the OP "your own interpretation of No man's land." Could be Limbo

  • Are you talking about Limbo (Hell) ?

    In that case, yes, the theme can mean everything you want as long as its reflected in your game

  • Ahh i got the perfect idea for this.In the middle of Joburg (South Africa) alone at midnight.You Must Run and fight your way through the muggers,killers and crackheads.Thank's you gave me a Great idea for a local game here

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  • I have no avatar yet lol... I'm sure i will participate this challenge

  • .Thank's you gave me a Great idea for a local game here

    Try to stay alive until the end of the challenge

  • Djordhan, I was joking about an avatar!!! jk

    Remember to add, "if Ashley doesn't accept proc's $2 bribe, then the winner will get the avatar, otherwise the runner up will"

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