One Buck Challenge - June

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  • Awesome entries!

    It's first time... I'm sure there will have new challenges soon

  • Update: The link to the main exe has been fixed, sorry for the inconvenience.

  • And the winner of the first One Buck Challenge is! taratataratataratatara.. Phobos002!

    The choice has been hard and we had to play both games for hours.

    (the chat game was not retained in the final decision since there is no actual gameplay) But we can't wait to try it once it will get more advanced, maybe for the next challenge )

    The little (teeny tiny little) guy jumping around trying not to get crushed or shot was a real long lasting challenge. A bit hard since our main goal quickly became to simply not die. But it was fun.

    One of us is still playing it actually.

    Congratulations Phobos002. Now you can get yourself a brand new buck in your bank account and a new avatar by "Procrastinator" (don't expect it before christmas haha).

    Thank you all for your participation and stay tuned for the next comp!

    I'll post details pretty soon. The comp will take place in July and probably won't last that long so people don't forget about it

  • Congratulations, Phobos!

  • Congratulations Phobos! You are now one buck closer to being the richest man in the world.

  • Congrats Phobos002!

    Let's wait to next challenge

  • Lol, thanks!

  • Phobos002, typical that the site should change around when we were PMing ;) Add me on MSN and we'll chat - cruggy FAT32 ;)

    Djordhan, haha yeah xmas but 2012 and only if the world hasn't ended by then!

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  • <div>

    Well, I forgot the deadline on this too. I originally had planned on doing a 2-player online deathmatch or collaborative shooter....but I've run out of time. There is only chatting... so the "game" pretty much blows. Spent all my time on the plugin and I'll be gone for the next two weeks.<br><br>However, since nobody else posted.. here is my entry..maybe I'll win by default!!!<br><br><br><br><img src="" border="0"><br><br>Usage is pretty basic:<br>Enter port, select host server.<br><br>For clients:<br>Enter port, name, IP address of server. <br><br>Chat and move around a blank game are just the ones I love for tuts from Danc.</div>

    <div>Hey scidave, what's the best module for online playing using python? </div>

  • Been looking for this post forever

    I dont have MSN. Do you have something like Steam or Gmail?

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