Construct 0.98.9 released (stable)

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  • Download 0.98.9 now!

    This build corrects some fairly important issues that managed to work their way in to 0.98.8, especially regarding families and the picture editor. Hopefully 0.99 will be the next build now.



    • [ADD] Rotate: Get speed/acceleration expressions
    • [ADD] Grid Movement: Set/Get speed action/expression
    • [ADD] Line of sight: range and angle range settings
    • [FIX] Timer: crash setting timers in timer conditions
    • [FIX] Sine: now quicksaves/loads correctly
    • [FIX] Ball: 'set angle of motion' not working


    • [ADD] Reordering of event sheets in the event sheet manager dialog
    • [ADD] New 'Crispify' shader - harden edges of vastly enlarged sprites with linear filtering - see example image
    • [FIX] Families & family manager now work
    • [FIX] Crash with effect actions and clicking 'back' button

    Picture editor

    • [FIX] Status bar is now always big enough to show coordinates
    • [FIX] Crash on Vista/7 closing the Picture editor should now be gone
    • [FIX] Selection draws over black outline in picture editor (so it isn't hidden if you select the entire image)
    • [FIX] Black outlines width and height extended by 1 so you can see the right and bottom rows of pixels in your image at 100%
    • [CHANGE] Selections now hide when you left click or right click, making it easier to draw inside a selection


    • [ADD] Text: 'Get write speed'/'Set write speed' and 'Write finished' actions/conditions
    • [FIX] Array: parts were still 0-based, should now be entirely 1-based
    • [FIX] Object Pairer: no longer has to be placed in the layout
    • [CHANGE] Sprite: condition texts now include object name, will soon be extended to other objects


    • [FIX] Changing to fullscreen mode at runtime now verifies the display mode is supported and changes to the smallest resolution that can fit the requested size if not.
    • [FIX] Hanging if frame speed of 0 is used.
    • [FIX] Quickload doesn't suspend Every events for an amount of time.
    • [FIX] Error message instead of crashing when out of VRAM (DirectX is pretty dumb and says "Invalid Data" instead of "Out of VRAM" it seems though)
    • [FIX] Crash closing application using 'Next layout' on the last layout with a transition
  • Okay, I was all set to swap my placeholder sprites, but if I now double click the sprites, the picture editor won't come up at all anymore. Bug?

  • I'd like to give David a thank-you for fixing the gravity directions on the platform behavior, even though it doesn't appear in the changelog

    Okay, I was all set to swap my placeholder sprites, but if I now double click the sprites, the picture editor won't come up at all anymore. Bug?

    Confirmed. Double-clicking a sprite in the layout or in the object bar does not open the image editor. Double-clicking a frame in the animation bar does, however.

    And double-clicking tiled backgrounds works fine, no problem there.

  • OK, hit the link again and the sprite editing should work.

  • Sweet, I can work on my game from the future again.

  • Hey, I don't know if this is a bug or if this was always like this. But if I load a PNG into a sprite during runtime and zoom out, the linear filtering looks a lot more harsh than if the same image is used internally.

    I looks like the linear filtering merges into point the more you zoom out.

    It sorta screws up my plan.

    Is this new or was it always like this?

  • It's always been like that. I don't think loading external images generates mipmaps, which enables high quality downscaling. I'll see if that can be fixed.

  • Okay, that'd be awesome if it could be fixed.

  • Better put something on the tracker so it's not forgotten.

  • Okay, that's on the tracker.

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  • By the way, I'd really suggest that you upgrade to this - even though it's marked unstable until we get the all clear from more people - if you use families; old cap files could become corrupt using the old build in some ocassions, and the risk of that is now fully alleviated.

  • Rich, does this mean any project with families opened in 98.8 will be corrupted for future versions?

  • Rich, does this mean any project with families SAVED in 98.9 will be corrupted for future versions?

    Dont confuse others.

  • What is the meaning of this? Please clarify yourselves.

  • 0.98.8 could in some circumstances make .cap files with families not work. Not often, but families didn't really work well anyway, so there's no reason you wouldn't want to upgrade.

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