Construct 0.98.9 released (stable)

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  • This $&!# is bananas. B, a-n-a-n-a-s.

  • The car behavior is kinda awkward, it bounces too much when it hit even at an angle where it should normally just be able to go straight but bounces exactly backwards..

    Needs more bananas


  • What are you talking about? Just to be sure i ran my car right in to the wall yesterday, and it reacted exactly like the car movement. I bounced right back the way i came.

  • attan thats the point. hes saying the movement in general is broken.

    a car does not bounce straight back when it hits a wall at an angle. the energy should be transfered, and there should be minimal bounce with the car continuing to move forward along the wall, even when driving perpendicularly straight into a wall there would be little to no bounce.

    edit: i just read your post again and realized the wording. either youre being sarcastic or ignorant. neither of which translates well on the internet. either way the movement is unsatisfactory.

  • car behavior shouldn't just act completely like a real physicsy car, it just gives you a basic rotation and acceleration engine. That sliding you speak of is tough to make, and better suited for a physics engine.

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  • Well, I hope someone make an engine of sorts.. I'm not that genius into physics..

  • I agree, realistic car behaviors can only be simulated by a physics engine. With that said, some basic improvements to car wouldn't go amiss.

  • edit: i just read your post again and realized the wording. either youre being sarcastic or ignorant.

    Or making a joke about me driving my car into a wall to se what happends in the real world...

  • "neither of which translates well on the internet" -_-

    in any case it doesnt have to be super realistic. its just too super UNrealistic atm. you dont need a physics engine to calculate a new direction and speed for the basic car movement. its simple trig / vector math.

    even reducing the bounce to about 1/3 or 1/4 the force that the car had hitting an object would make it better. unless thats already an option in the behavior? in that case the user is at fault.

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