Weird Bunny Banana - Free HTML5 game

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    It seems that the difficulty of the game is intimidating... will you be able to pass further level 3?

    Play here:

    Short platformer. Help Weird overcome the 3 stages of the game. Try not to lose all your lives or you'll have to start over. The game has a in-game global leaderboard as long as you are logged into NG.

    Stage: Woods of Doom - 10 Levels

    Stage: Hell-Mass - 8 Levels

    Stage: Gameboy Memories - Includes the tutorial and 4 bonus levels.

    Your best time will be submitted to the leaderboards only if you complete each stage.


    MOVE - Arrow Keys / WASD / GamePad

    DASH - X Key / K Key / R1/RT Gamepad

    RUN - Hold shift key / Hold J key / Hold B Gamepad

    JUMP - Up Arrow / A button Gamepad

    Every 100 bananas = extra life

    Every 15K points = extra life

    Kiss your dumb bunny girlfriend just for fun and for the medals, and permanent extra lives to allow you to finish the game.

    I created this project just for fun, was a practice for: level design, character design, pixel art and api integrations. So, have fun!

    Check out my other games!

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