Greengrinds plugin - expanding access to Greenworks / Steam APIs

  • C3 Addon Greengrinds

    I added a new free C3 addon to support more Greenworks/Steam APIs (Cloud File, Stats, more Achievement APIs), with an example project. I needed this for a project I was working on and decided to share in case it helps other folks who also need more APIs beyond the official Greenworks plugin (which you should definitely try out first, in case that's all you need.)

    Actions and conditions:

    See addon website for more details and documentation. If you see issues please report on the addon's github, so we can track and close: issue list.

    Example project (using the test '480' steam_appid.txt for Spacewar.)

    Other tools used for this project:

    c3IDE - a great IDE for creating C3 Addons

    Electron for Construct - Electron for Construct - a great tool to build Electron executables of your game.

    Thanks to Construct Discord community for support and testing (InsaneHawk, Armaldio, Piranha305, Chadori, Erigatoshima and others!)

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  • Cool addon Mikal. You implemented more features than the official Greenworks plugin by Construct Team. The original one wasn't usable, it's great that you have changed that and allowed real implementation for Steam games on Construct 3.

    I hope this encourages people to make Steam games on Construct 3 now.

    Very well done! ✨👍

  • thank you for sharing. it looks better than official greenworks plugin.

  • Well, I'm going to have a very deep look at your plugin since I really want to publish my next game on Steam with achievements.

    Thanks for this gem, and those detailed explanations!

  • Update: release

    • Added ResetAllStats (reset_achievement) API ACEs (not documented yet on the Greenworks docs, but I can see it in the source and it seems to work.)

    Thanks for the comments also, appreciated.

  • Update: release

    No change to ACEs. Changed electron path to greenwork.js and greenworks / steam binaries to match new (1.3.1) Electron For Construct greenworks plugin created paths (Electron For Construct app build is automating the process of adding in the correct greenworks, steam libraries and app id.)

  • Update release

    No change to ACEs. In plugin JS code, add additional path for greenworks libraries, so remote preview is possible with Mac build using

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