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This addon is official but is not included within Construct 3 itself and must be downloaded from this page.


Access the Steamworks API from the NW.js exporter.

Version History

Version Size Downloads Released
0.33.3 (Current)
2 MB 21 Download
967 KB 156 Download
953 KB 155 Download



0.33.3 Stable (2 MB)


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  • Will support of Steam Leaderboards be added?

  • This is great!!! For this version of NWjs 0.26.6 (26th February 2018) --in-process-gpu seems to be required to be added in the "chromium-args" properties in package.json which is found in package.nw for the overlay to work properly.

    Also it seems black lines that appear from letterbox are pretty bad for the achievement popup. I would use scale inner or something else.

  • Thanks you!

  • Thanks Scirra!

  • Thank you, Scirra! This plugin will be really useful. :)

  • Any chance this will be updated to support Steam Cloud?

  • Well, I tried, following all the documentation, doing everything as specified, and I can say it doesn't work.


    - Overlay doesn't show up when doing shift+tab

    - But, game is losing focus when doing so..?

    - Included all needed files, and it's the exact same problem with or without them. (tried for both 64 et 32 bit windows)

    I guess you should be looking at it

  • Update C2 version too, if possible.

  • What does the steam achievement activation event look like?

  • Ashley The overlay and achievement visual prompt doesn't seems to work on Mac.

    Backend is working though. >Is available>activate achievement>no visual prompts in game

    Alt tab and checked>achievements are recorded though.

    Tried putting the 3 files inside all the different folders but still no visual prompts. Is this a known issue?

    EDIT: Same issue with Linux.

    For Window, when the Steam overlay appears, there's no way to close it other than force shutting down the game.

    • Ashley, i'm also having some trouble with the Greenworks plugin. I'm pretty sure that i followed every step of the tutorial (i'm familiar with that stuff, it's similar to what i had to do with the old Steam4C2 plugin) but the overlay is not showing up. And i think theres a function missing in this plugin, how are we supposed to close the overlay if we can only open it?

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