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Access the Steamworks API from the NW.js exporter. NOTE: this plugin is no longer actively maintained, and where possible we recommend using the Steamworks for WebView2 plugin instead.



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  • Will support of Steam Leaderboards be added?

  • Hi!

    Please update this add-on, we need to incorporate SteamDeck support in our Steam. We have tested and our game only works 100% on a SteamDeck if we compile from Construct 3 from NW.js version 0.70.0. Can you update this add-on to support NW.js version 0.70.0? It's quite important for us, I'm sure there are more people with this situation.

    Thanks, I look forward to your reply!

  • This is great!!! For this version of NWjs 0.26.6 (26th February 2018) --in-process-gpu seems to be required to be added in the "chromium-args" properties in package.json which is found in package.nw for the overlay to work properly.

    Also it seems black lines that appear from letterbox are pretty bad for the achievement popup. I would use scale inner or something else.

  • Any chance this will be updated to support Steam Cloud?

  • Just a general question, is there like an update schedule for this addon to keep it consistent with current NW.js? Only asking because NW.js is already on version 68 but when using greenworks I can't export with the new versions because this addon isn't compatible.

    I won't dine to know exactly what role NW.js and chromium have, but I get various reports from users saying that my game, running on NW.js, just crashes on boot or never starts.

    It isn't a ton of people, but I assume if they aren't even getting into the game it isn't game code or construct, its probably NW.js.

    I guess newer versions doesn't necessarily mean fewer bugs, but I figure updating is the only way to attempt to remedy these sorts of things.

    For the record I have no idea what the cause of these issues actually is I am going off of assumptions, because all I get is a refund note on Steam saying "the game doesn't start". I just wanted to check to see if updates were planned.

  • Guys, Steamworks SDK: 1.42 is really old. Anyone have the download?

  • is it a deprecated plugin ?

  • Well, I tried, following all the documentation, doing everything as specified, and I can say it doesn't work.


    - Overlay doesn't show up when doing shift+tab

    - But, game is losing focus when doing so..?

    - Included all needed files, and it's the exact same problem with or without them. (tried for both 64 et 32 bit windows)

    I guess you should be looking at it

  • Thanks you!

  • Thanks Scirra!

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