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  • Release 5.6 :: Emergency Patch

    This is an emergency update and it is upmost recommended, if you use the Mobile Master Ads, to update to the latest version of the collection. I am terribly sorry for the problems it might have caused to those using the plugin, because of the 3+month leave, I wasn't able to thoroughly check the new plugins anymore. I will see to it that this doesn't happen again. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Release Note:

    Mobile Master Ads

    1. Failure to identify platform caused Test IDs to clear and show instead test ads on production. If you fell victim to this, don't worry, you would have been notified by the Google Admob Team. This is now fixed and production tested.
    2. Accidentally swapped the Personalized Ads : Toggle, making Enabled to Disabled and vice-versa. This is now fixed and production tested.

    I still look up to keep on providing Enterprise-Level and Professional addons for Construct 2 and Construct 3. I will be releasing the major upgrade/update Release 6.0 of the Construct Master Collection soon, with brand new addons and features for your Construct 2 and Construct 3 projects. Keep updated!

    For more info:


    Discord Community [Main Store]:

    Have a nice day and happy game development! 🙂

  • Hi chadorireborn, do the mobile plugins work with construct 2 also?

  • Emac

    Hi chadorireborn, do the mobile plugins work with construct 2 also?

    Hi, yes. Of course.

  • Hi , Could you help me please, I'm having an issue with your Mobile Facebook plugin. I tried building apk many times with different settings and every time I run it on my phones it shows a black screen...

    The project is in runtime3 and has just one action "Mobile Facebook Log Event".

    I export the project to Cordova from C3. Then add 3 lines to config.xml:

    <plugin name="cordova-plugin-facebook4" >
    	<variable name="APP_ID" value="123456789" />
    	<variable name="APP_NAME" value="MyApp" />
    	<variable name="FACEBOOK_ANDROID_SDK_VERSION" value="4.40.4" />

    Note - your manual says "param name", but "param" is not recognized by cordova, so I changed to variable. Also, I tried many different SDK versions.

    Then execute:

    cordova prepare
    cordova requirements
    cordova build android

    Install the debug apk on my phone and get black screen... If I build the app without Mobile Facebook plugin, it works.

    I tried every solution from from stackoverflow and google - nothing helps.

    Here is my project file, and exported file for cordova


    EDIT: Digging deeper, I found your bug report on github, seems like you got it working with version 4.40.4, but for me cordova build fails with this version:

    Could you tell me how I can fix it?

  • dop2000

    You are using wrong version

    use 4.40.0 or 4.41.0

  • OhhBaby I tried many different versions from 4.26.0 to 4.40.0, all resulting in black screen. Tested version 4.41.0 just now - same problem.

  • Hi dop2000 , sorry for the late reply. As I've announced on the Discord Server, I'm away for a few months from game development because of school works. I will be back Mid-June or Post-June to fix, update and upgrade the plugin collection including the Mobile Facebook.

    Reference :

    What you are experiencing is the Facebook SDK conflict with the C3Runtime. As you've known, it works on C2Runtime. This happened, if I recall correctly, half a year ago. And I managed to patch it by filtering supported Facebook SDKs for the C3Runtime where a conflict wouldn't happen.

    But only a month ago, we ran out of usable SDK versions, I forgot the last one, but once that depreciated, the Facebook SDK completely isn't usable with the C3Runtime anymore.

    I want to deeply investigate the issue, but I would need to ask the Construct Team for support if it is in fact proven to be a conflict with the Facebook SDK and the C3Runtime. Which looks like it as per my initial tests.

    I can focus on investigating this when I get done with all my work, thesis and internship which is by the end of June.

  • Thanks,

    I was really hoping there was a solution.. Do you know if there is any other way to implement FB analytics in runtime3 game for Android?

    Enhance doesn't support runtime3 and I couldn't find any other addons. It's a shame really, most mobile publishers require analytics, Scirra should really address this issue asap!

  • In case you've missed :

    I will be studying the c3runtime after I get back, to find out the issue and report to Ashley on what is causing the Facebook SDK and c3runtime conflict.

  • dop2000 I wish I knew more, but this is the only library I used for Facebook from the get-go since it is supposedly complete for my needs in regards to Cordova.

  • Yeah, I've seen your bug report yesterday. Are you saying that SDK version 4.40.4 should still work? The problem is that I can't build with this particular version. I tried many others though - 4.35.0, 4.36.0, 4.38.0, 4.40.0, 4.41.0

  • dop2000 A lot of only supported Facebook SDK versions were depreciated, including that one, 4.40.4. I can't tell which is which anymore, but when I get back, I could look it up again, but it won't matter since they are long depreciated and removed.

    A few confusion happened, but it became clearer that it's a Facebook SDK version conflict with the c3Runtime, somehow there is something being overwritten when the Facebook SDK is joined with the c3runtime.

    Now I remember, it was on the first week of May that we lost the last Facebook SDK version compatible with the c3runtime, all got depreciated and removed. Hence, the build error you get with the Facebook SDK version : 4.40.4. At that time, there were no supported versions available which were compatible with the c3runtime.

    Since new SDKs were released since then, maybe you can check the new versions after the 1st week of May and see if they work.

    SDK Versions

    Stable counterpart

    Good luck.

    I will make sure to resolve this after I get back too.

  • I tried all latest versions. 1.41 and 1.42 show black screen and 5.0.X versions just crash..

    Thank you for explaining the issue, let's hope you find a solution one day.

    By the way, I think it's possible to use C3 build service. You need to export to Cordova, then edit config.json like this:

    "plugins": [
    	"id": "cordova-plugin-facebook4",
    	"version": null,
    	"variables": [["APP_ID", "1231232132"], ["APP_NAME", "My App"], ["FACEBOOK_ANDROID_SDK_VERSION", "4.40.0"]]

    Then use C3 Export Manager to build an apk. The result is pretty much identical to what you get with Cordova CLI.

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  • dop2000 I just said that for fix cordova build. It seems c3runtime not compatible with cordova Facebook plugin. You should use GameAnalytics for C3runtime.

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