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  • Announcement

    Hi, everyone. It's been a while. I would like to announce that there will be 2 consecutive releases that will be held this month, it comes with tons of collection improvement, bug fixes and especially new features.

    Release - Patch Update

    This will be released this August 07, 2019. This is a patch to the recent release with fixes to the issues. And especially, major improvements to the collection itself.

    The progress can be seen here:

    Stable Release - Major Upgrade

    There will be new features coming this August 14, 2019, especially since the documentation website will release that day, so beginners can also use the collection without any hesitation.

    Also, we have a few new addons that will be added into the collection this release.

    1. GFX Plugin v2 : The successor of the GFX plugin, this optimizes Construct made games and allows the implementation of performance settings into the games.
    2. Clock : The addon that implements time-management features, either local or time standards. Implements online/offline based last active session. Best used with the PlayFab Master Collection.
    3. Web GooglePlus : The addon enables GooglePlus authentication for the web platform. This is also usable for PlayFab Authentication via GooglePlus.

    The progress can be seen here:

    That's all for now, happy game development!

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  • The GFX-Plugin sounds very interessting for me. Thx

  • macube

    The GFX-Plugin sounds very interessting for me. Thx

    Glad you like it.

  • Release 6.1 :: Major Patch Release

    The Major Patch update is now live.

    It's a very big update with lots of bug fixes and polishing. I recommend you all to update. Thank you.

    The Mobile Master Monetization has also been updated!

    Construct Master Collection : References

    That's all for now. Have a happy game development!

  • Announcement!

    Hi everyone!

    I just like to announce that I will stop creating new addons for the Construct 2 Editor & c2runtime.

    I've always supported it knowing that I'm still going to use it but it feels like I'm leaving that editor for good now, due to limitations I've came across.

    So, the following addons for 7.0:

    1. Web Google Plus
    2. Clock
    3. GFX : v2

    Will be Construct 3 Editor & c3runtime exclusive.

    Also, the release of 7.0 might have a bit delay because of work I have to get done first, which is more prioritized. I hope you understand.

    That's all for now. Have a nice day!

  • Clock Plugin

    The Construct Plugin to implement date and clock based features to games.


    1. Date, Time, Clock features. All Locale, UTC and Unix TS.
    2. Session Monitoring.
    3. Last Active, online or offline.
    4. Automated LocalStorage stamping. No worries of manually doing things.
    5. Custom Session Monitoring.
    6. Datetime conversion tools.
    7. PlayFab Server Support.
    8. Dedicated Local Storage instance. (Hidden)


    1. Offline and Online Session Tracking.
    2. Automated DateTime management.
    3. Last Active, online or offline.
    4. DateTime conversions.
    5. Custom Task Datetime tracking.
    6. Anti-cheat datetime reward system.
    7. Anti-cheat online game datetime management.

    These are the basic usage.

  • Announcement

    The future of the Mobile Master Monetization addons.

    There are improvements planned for the monetization addons. These are due to overtime changes and limitations I want to resolve in the future.

    Notably ad-network mediations, ads plugin upgrade replacement, consent dialog and features, multiple banners, ease of use c3runtime refactor, cleanup, mediations, status expressions, new Cordova version support helper ACEs and documentation website integration.

    If you want to know more, check out the links below:

    Mobile Master Ads :

    Mobile Master IAP :

    That's all for now. Have a nice day!

  • Clock

    The Game Master Collection's new plugin, that enables date & time features on Construct. It also enables Online-Offline Session Monitoring and Custom Session Monitoring, this is useful for game date-time tracking rewards, quests, and anti-cheat features.





    Sample Project Implementation

    There are lots of sample projects too, it will be available with the new GFX plugin on Release 7.0.

  • GFX

    The new plugin of the Game Master Collection, a plugin that manages and optimizes the GFX Quality and performance of an application.

    Construct 3 uses 100% of your project's Graphics Quality, but most of these are just excess quality you can go without for performance, with less to no apparent loss in quality.

    The features:

    1. Automatically or manually sets the GFX quality of the game.
    2. Automatically and intelligently sets the GFX quality based on the device specification.
    3. Designed ground-up for the c3runtime.
    4. Optimization options included, like the quality limit and method of implementation.
    5. Expressions list designed to cover all the possibly useful output.
    6. System+, a few system counterpart actions which are made to apply optimizations.
    7. Freedom in the use of features are put into account in the development, all ACEs are made flexible.
    8. Efficiently coded compared to its old c2 counterpart. From 2K lines of code to now just 300.
    9. Fully compatible with the runtime and supports all built-in plugins & behaviors like the Anchor.
    10. Designed in effort to not obstruct the built-in features and rather work with it, like the Anchor behavior, unlike its old-counterpart.
    11. Both C3 Debugger and [F12] Debugger support.
    12. Documented Sample Projects.
    13. Construct Master Collection - Documentation included.




    Experimentation Results

    The initial experiment was a success, it made an improvement from 28 FPS to 60 FPS, with no apparent quality loss. This is a very beneficial for graphic intensive games on both mobile and desktop.


    An experiment using a manual set quality action.

    Before (28FPS)

    After (60 FPS)

    Live GIF

    Due to the GIF Recorder's resource usage, the FPS only made it to 57 FPS, but it does reach 60 FPS when not in record.

    It was a huge success!

    That was the result of the GFX plugin test for the Construct Master Collection's Game Master Collection. This will be released on 7.0 with the other plugins like the Clock.

    That's all for now, have a nice day and happy game development!

  • Announcement : Beta Release

    Just in case anyone wants to test the GFX plugin, you can test it on the #beta-release channel from the Discord Community. I'm bug hunting atm, so I can assure it works properly on release.


    There is a sample test project, but I recommend you use your finished projects.

    It's easy, just plug-n-play the plugin into your finished projects, and play around with the properties (no events required).

    You can choose Automatic or Manual style. But for more control, I recommend using Manual for testing.


    The beta-release testing only happened for the GFX plugin since the Clock plugin is nearly fully tested now.

  • Thank you for the gfx-plugin. This is very useful for me :)

  • The GFX plugin is very interesting - what exactly is happening that causes the game to double its frame rate? The particles are being capped?

  • macube

    Thank you for the gfx-plugin. This is very useful for me :)

    Glad you like it.


    The GFX plugin is very interesting - what exactly is happening that causes the game to double its frame rate? The particles are being capped?

    Nope these are the only events used.

    I usually recommend using the Automatic feature where you just set from the Properties (no events needed) where the GFX plugin scales the Graphics Quality to the device's specifications.

    I don't set the particle rate or anything. The entire graphics quality is scaled. Although, as you can see, there is little to no screen graphics quality difference. Especially when the limit is set to High Quality from the Properties.

  • Hello one question.

    You include the photon plugin but the official plugin is free.

    I do not understand this.

  • Hello one question.

    You include the photon plugin but the official plugin is free.

    I do not understand this.

    These were initially created before the Photon plugins were ported to the c3runtime. And, these plugins include more features than the official ones.

    Also, the Photon plugins are gradually added with features from the Photon SDK, which the official ones don't support.

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