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  • thanks for this awesome plugins

    i just want to know if there is any way to buy only the (Mobile IronSource Collection) for lower price

    i consider my self a beginner in game development

    so investing in the hole collection is probable something i can't do right now

    Do you have any future plan for making price for each plugin

    for example selecting what i want to buy (iron-source plugin, local notification plugin, admob plugin)

    and the more plugin i select the price get higher

    Thanks again and sorry for my bad English

  • Hi lahbach.

    The Mobile IronSource Collection is only available in the main collection. Unfortunately, I don't think it will change anytime soon.

    There is a planned Google Admob Collection, which will be a cheaper variant, hence better for startups. But, in the long run I still recommend going to IronSource, due to their better mediation.

    As for the separation of addons. There is an option to choose by group of addons you need, I don't think I can separate them further. This is due to the management it would require, and I don't think that will lessen the cost.

    Bundling them together is more beneficial to both ends, in the long run.

    There is also a discount for individual developers, if you are interested, it's at the bottom-most portion of the pricing page.

    I wish you great luck with your game development journey!

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  • Actually, it supports it for a long time since then, after moving to our own dedicated Cordova plugins.

    Most of are chadori-mobile-xxxxx instead of using public libraries compared to cordova-plugin-xxxxx, except official ones.

  • Hi , I bought the Master Collection yesterday in order to simplify a few features of a mobile App I'm developing. However, I've run into a couple of issues:

    1. When I add the 'Mobile Network' object and export an APK, the App refuses to open on my Android devices (I've tried it on a phone and a tablet). I've created a simple C3 file with only the Mobile Network object and a text object in order to illustrate the problem:

    2. I'm using the 'Mobile Dialog' prompt to allow the user to input some text. When the prompt closes, the Android keyboard closes, as expected. However, the soft menu bar remains visible at the bottom of the screen, partially covering some of the buttons in my layout.

    Thanks, Steve.

  • Hi srenshaw, I'll take a look at this as soon as possible.

    Although, next time, for technical support, kindly visit the Discord Community or ( contact us via email, for better realtime support.

  • Hi srenshaw, I have now reviewed your issues.

    1. I got this report last week too. It only happens to some devices with Android 10, it's still not clear what is causing it. Although, it works on previous Android versions. There doesn't seem to anything wrong with Cordova's side nor the addon's side. It seems that not updating to Android 10's SDK is causing this, so I made an update request for Construct 3's Target SDK. Hopefully that'll resolve it after Construct 3's update.
    2. Regarding the Mobile Dialog, try experimenting with the Viewport fit option from the Project Properties if you can find an option that will make it blend with your project. The issue you are having is quite common with Android devices, I see that happen on some native Android games too. In regards to Cordova, some old devices do get that issue, but newer devices will no longer have that issue. This is due to the transition of devices to remove the physical context buttons. And some devices didn't catch up. Other native app developers just detect this issue and ask the user to revert back and change its viewport fit. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any clean way to automate this, which is a setting that cannot be altered by only the Addon SDK. Hence, changing the viewport-fit of your project, by default, is an ideal practical solution.
  • Thanks for your reply , I'll try experimenting with the 'Viewport fit' option.

    Just for further info' on the 'Mobile Network' crash, I'm not using Android 10 - my test devices are:

    - Galaxy S6 phone (Android 7.0)

    - Tesco Hudl 2 tablet (Android 5.1)

    Thanks, Steve.

  • Oh okay. That made it more complicated. 🤔

    I'll look at this in a different angle, I'll try to investigate the Mobile Network issue again soon.

  • Announcement

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to announce that I will be making a dedicated Google Play addon for Construct 3.

    It will have Leaderboards, Saved Games, PlayFab Authentication (in the future, replace the Mobile GooglePlus addon).

    I will be requiring early testers soon. Just a heads up. 🙂

    I think this is important, to unify all Play Services features. This will hopefully lessen the amount of plugins to whitelist too.

    In related news, there's a 1-month pending collection update still on hold due to a whitelisting delay issue.

    I will release the update as soon as it gets approved. Hopefully it won't take long now, thank you for your patience.

    Stay tuned for updates.

  • Hi srenshaw,

    Sorry for the long wait and thank you for waiting. I have fixed the issue with the Mobile Network addon, it seems to be an incompatibility with devices that don't have support with the new references we usually use in Construct 3. I have now reverted to the old way, I will be releasing a new version soon.

  • Brilliant, thanks

  • Announcement - Release 10.4!

    Hi everyone, there is a new release for the Construct Master Collection and its sub-collections. Kindly click here to view the release note. There are lots of bug fixes and a new feature, make sure to check it out!

    Thank you!

  • Release 10.5 - Important Patch

    Important changes are incorporated in this new update, most notably the iOS 14 support for the Mobile IronSource Collection and the support for the new script minifier, hence will allow export with Advanced Minification.

    Thank you!

  • Also, if you have issues with the latest Mobile Master IAP, kindly email or visit the Discord Community. It has new changes so it's on careful watch.

    Thank you.

  • Release 10.6 - Feature Patch

    New features in this new release, most notably the new Android in-app rating feature from the Android SDK. The Mobile IronSource Collection's update of all Cordova plugins to support iOS 14, and use the latest IronSource iOS SDK with each of its ad-network mediation's latest iOS SDK. And, the update of the Mobile AppsFlyer to the latest 6.0.30 version to support new features and bug fixes.

    New Features

    1. New features in the Mobile AppsFlyer addon and updated to the latest SDK version.
    2. Entire collection's Cordova plugins have been updated to use the latest IronSource iOS SDK and each of its ad-network mediation's latest iOS SDK. And, the entire collection's support for iOS 14. .
    3. Update to support the new Android in-app-rating. Like some other addons, it has support for the Construct 2 Editor, Construct 3 Editor and Construct 3 Editor with c3runtime.

    Android In-App Rating

    We now have support for the new Android In-App Rating feature, through the Mobile Review addon.

    There are also other changes in the collection, including bug fixes, code improvements and documentation revisions.

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