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  • c3IDE - Construct 3 Plugin Creation Tool

    c3IDE provides quality of life improvements when developing addons for construct 3. The tool comes with auto completion, a built in web server to host and test your files. and lots of work flow improvements to help develop addons faster.












    • Addon boilerplate creation (Plugins/Behaviors/Effects)
    • JSON/JavaScript auto completion
    • Format JSON/Javascript
    • Easily Add and Manage ACES and Parameters
    • Global find and replace
    • Built in web serve to host addons
    • Basic validation in place to help prevent common errors
    • Multiple Themes
    • Final C3Addon zip creation
    • Recompile on save to improve workflow
    • Automatic updates when new features are added
    • C3addon Import (Experimental)
    • Basic C2 Runtime support (when imported from c3adoon)
    • Basic C2 to C3 conversion, generate C3 skeleton for most C2 addons (ACE stub generation)
    • Code Folding


    • Provide better linting of javascript files


  • Nice work! Going to test it out.

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  • Okay cool I have been testing it all day, I have pushed out a few hot fixes that should be applied when you re open the application. If you run I to any issues let me know.

  • Added dark monokai theme to the IDE, more improvements to come...

  • A little plug for this new IDE, I've used it to release a new addon/plugin recently. It was very nice to use, good docs too (check those out before use, they will answer a lot of questions.) Certainly makes addon development more streamlined and focused on the coding that actually matters: features for your addon vs dealing with c3 addon details (proper formatting for aces, language json, where to add function definitions for actions, conditions, etc.) The developer is very responsive also.


    Here's the addon I made with it: https://www.construct.net/en/make-games/addons/228/gamesparksminimal

  • Published new version, with basic support for effects get it here => https://github.com/armandoalonso/c3IDE

  • This looks super helpful, thank you! Is there an offline installer or portable version, by any chance? I tried installing on a PC with no direct access to the internet, and it failed after rebooting when the installer tried to fetch the application. Failing that, I can grab the source code and just build the exe myself, I assume? Thanks again.

  • Yah the way the auto updates are handled is it need the deploy files from github, i thi k when u do it once you should be fine. I can work on providing a version of the app that does not pull updates and works offline, it just won't get any updates and I am making very frequent updates.

  • You could also pull the source and Compile it locally. If ur Into that sort of thing

  • Cool, given how much active development you're doing, I'd hate to ask you to spend your time working on an offline version. I'll either work from a networked machine or compile it myself for now, thanks!

  • Yeah that's fine try and compile it if u run into any issue let me kbow and I'll build one without the updates.

  • Yeah that's fine try and compile it if u run into any issue let me kbow and I'll build one without the updates.

    It seems Norton security is flagging the setup.exe and deleting it as soon as I execute it. It was deleting setup.exe.deploy files when I was trying to get the app to compile, too. So yeah, if you have time to make a version of the app that doesn't auto update, that would be helpful. I'm hesitant to disable Norton because even though it semi-routinely throws false positives, it throws quite a few true positives too!

  • yeah there are no virus in the app, all the source code is here github.com/armandoalonso/c3IDE on github. here is a link to a zip file that has the app, you can extract it and open the exe


    you need the .net 4.7.1 run time in order to run the exe. the setup usually handles it. also this zip file wont get any of the updates I make.

  • Yes, I imagine if you wanted to distribute a virus there are far easier ways, haha. Thank you so much for the zip. Can't wait to check it out. And thanks for the extensive, illustrated documentation on your app. It's really impressive.

  • Thanks hopefully it works from the zip file, did not do much testing. So let me know if anything.

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