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  • Thanks for the update!

  • piranha305 Great work with this addon!

    Wouldn't even dream of doing a plugin without this to generate all the necessary files.

    Quick question, not sure if SDK related, but if I want to include auxiliary methods where would be the best place to declare them using the plugin?

    If not using the plugin i would put them on actions.js but not sure if you recommend a better way to do it via the plugin so that I can edit them using the plugin too.

    Thanks in advance !

  • I normally add extra functions to the instance (but only if its related to the instance), but if the stuff your doing is not related to the instance, I would just include another JavaScript file (module) that gets loaded with the plugin. you can add extra files in the "third party file tab" (I need to rename that to extra file). I am not sure what other approach people take, I have not really needed to do this much.

  • I also usually add extra instance related functions to instance.js.

    However, if you have a plugin which shares information / functionality between instances, I will also add properties and functions to type.js.

    I have also created separate '3rd party' files which contain classes that I use in a project (for example in the Spine project, I have a class that batches drawing all the instances. The class also contains a list of all instances.) If you do a 3rd party file post r226, watch out for the recent module globaThis/import/export changes.

  • Brilliant, thanks for that guys.

    I ended up putting the auxiliary methonds in instance.js but might need to put them on 3rd party (addon tab).

    Is there any way to edit 3rd party files I create via the c3ide ? Just trying to see my options to simplify my workflow.

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  • Yeah you can edit directly in the tab, but it lacks lot of the features of a fully fledged IDE like code completion, collapsble regions, linting... I would use a different editor and just import, it's one of the areas that needs some improvement for sure ..

  • Hi

    Can I use this for C2 ?

  • not really...

    you can use it to create a shell to convert c2addons to c3addons, and it will import the c2runtime for compatibility but it won't help in create addons for c2, only c3

  • thank a lot

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