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  • Thanks hopefully it works from the zip file, did not do much testing. So let me know if anything.

    It seems to be working, thanks!

    I was wondering why "Company" was removed from the Addon Data screen? It seems like the Author Name is being used instead. Is that intentional and are spaces allowed in that case?

  • Company was removed becuase I we really don't need it we are using the author instead u can always change it after if u really wanted it to be something specific. It's also less data I need to keep track of. I do t think I ah e updated to documentation. I am still actively developing it and adding new features often. Just today I added a compile on save option so it behaves like nodemon or something similar that watches for changes so you dont have to recompile it manually. And there might still be issues in not aware of if it crashes and me the log.

  • Cool, I was just concerned that spaces in the Author value might cause some problems. But if not, great! And yes, if it crashes on me I'll be sure and send you the log.

  • Ohh yeah spaces won't work I'll fix that thanks. I have a few more updates I want to add today. What I'll do is after I push the next release I'll update the zip.

  • Hi, I got a crash using the normal (non-zipped) version, which Norton has seen fit to allow me to use now, for whatever reason. I can post a log if you want, but it's easy to reproduce. I just created a new addon using my name, with spaces. After creating it, I double-clicked it in the list and then clicked "Update Addon", and c3IDE popped up an unhandled exception log. The first couple lines are:

    ERROR MESSAGE => Value cannot be null.

    Parameter name: pattern

  • you can send me the log file armandoalonso1iod@gmail.com or create an issue on github and attach it there. i could not reproduce following your steps. okay

    EDIT: okay i found the issue. patching it now, thanks should be fixed. The description was probably left empty.

  • I've found it's possible to introduce spaces in both the author and class names by adding them after creating the addon and hitting the "Update Addon" button.

  • Okay how did you get the spaces in?

  • I created an addon with legal names, opened it, added spaces to the author and class name fields and hit "Update Addon".

  • Yeah that update utton has a few bugs I ha e been working on a ig refractor which will add better fine and replace and updating

  • In the meantime don't add spaces

  • Great Tool, but how can i add external files/libraries? :)

  • macube

    Go to the '+' icon look to the right panel and click the '3rd party files' tab up top. At the bottom there's button for add/remove files (I think you can also drag/drop.) You can then also right click in the plugin.js edit window to add file dependencies in that file. Though for DOM scripts (I pity you, if you have to deal with DOMside scripts and worker scripts), you need to add those dependencies yourself. Great tool indeed.

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