My Path Finding won't work with a tilemap

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  • Hello! I'll cut to the chase:

    I'm making a top down view zombie shooter, my zombies use the pathfinding behaviour and well, I'm using a solid tilemap for obstacles, But I've realized that the pathfinding behaviour isn't directly compatible with the collisions system (As in it loosely calculates a path based on the cells in the navigation grid).

    The zombies use Line of sight and some randomized values to chase the player and roam the world, and it's not uncommon for one of these randomized values to fall on a solid tile, making the zombie walk into the actual tile and becoming stuck as the LOS ray can't exit the obstructed image point, this is not only a problem because well, the zombies get stuck, but it's also a problem because the zombies kind of float around without caring about the tiles, I obviously want the zombies to stay out of the tiles.

    My tiles are 32x32 pixels, my cell sizes were set to 32 but I've tried values like 16 and even 1 (which isn't optimal but something's got to work...right?) but it makes no difference, some of my zombies inevitably phase through a wall or get stuck, any help would be appreciated, I'm willing to talk over discord if you want me to send you the actual .c3p file to have a look.

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  • I have issues working with collisions using a tilemap aswell, ended up just adding invisible "collision check" sprites, with solid behavior. Try that instead

  • If you use tilemap, you may also consider using EasyStar which is Tilemap based pathfinding behavior.

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