Can I make a game like Alto's Adventure or Tiny Wings?

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  • Hi, thanks for reading. In this topic, I would like to discuss about the possibility of making games with rather different physics. In snowboarding games, the main character seems to slide through a never ending, random generated line in a wavy fashion. I assume maybe some mathematical formulas are involved in doing the terrain. The same goes to Tiny Wings. I wonder how could I make a level with that physics and terrain. Also there is another game, Worms. In it, when the terrain gets hit with projectiles, it leaves a hole, generally round. How can I do that? Thanks

  • I think something like tiny wings might be doable with vanilla construct without needing formulas by creating a line of physics objects based on a sprite with the sine behavior. Afaik there is a bug though that crashes the app at some point when too many physics objects are created/destroyed.

    Worms will be rather complicated with vanilla construct (without plugins) since it usually means pixel-perfect collision-detection. It is somewhat doable with tilemaps but this is generally really slow once you go below a tile-size of 5 or 4 pixels. I tinkered around with the idea for a bit but it´s meh.

    I know that there are working Worms examples floating around but I couldn´t find one for construct 3 sadly, especially since they use a plugin that isn´t ported (and maybe never will be)

    Maybe Ashley has an idea on how one could possibly approach this (Worms), I´d be interested in this too.

  • I find this is very interesting topic :)

    Well.. there is a super nice game "Airscape : The Fall of Gravity" which made from Construct 2, the "curved surface" also can be found there, and I think it is similar to Alto's surface..

    Make a solid surface in typical/basic platformer game is easy using Construct, but I stil cannot figure it out how to make a solid "curved surface",

    I have no idea how to define the collision polygon perfectly to look like curve since there is warning not to make more than 8 collision point,

    make the player character move smoothly on curved surface could be challenging too

    I also curious about how to make the hole on terrain which caused by projectile shoot..

  • About the Worm game effect, I have posted a topic here :

    With the help from dop2000 and combine with the clear tile range when overlap, I got this example:

    But it still has an issue that the bullet can collide with the empty zone, hope you guy can find the issue.

  • pilpgam

    Check out this post, there are a few examples. (they are in C2, but will also work for C3)

  • these guys seem to have achieved the worms thing pretty convincingly. dont ask me how though.

    Im pretty sure they are still using Construct 2 or 3 but I cant see any updates on this forum from them.


    about half way through the vid you will see the terrain destruction.

  • Thanks for all the responses!

  • pilpgam

    Check out this post, there are a few examples. (they are in C2, but will also work for C3)

    dop2000 Nice.. I check it. Thanks.

    Looks like I should play around in C2 sub thread.

    so far I only look around in C3 thread, because I use C3 and I am new in this forum..

    Also thanks Maverick1912 for the thread reference.

    I will check it for sure..

    Thankyou guys..

  • Yeah, C2 forum has about 20x times more posts than C3, you should definitely search it. I usually use google search, it's easier, for example:

    tiny wings

  • Okay, thanks, I'll keep following

  • For a Tiny Wings type game we don't have that great of support for custom collision polygons so I would say either daisy chaining terrain collision objects, or(and it's a big or) interpolating splines using qarp or cubic using R0j0's Paster plug.

  • Yeah I would say that having many points on the surface isnt a good way to make the game fast. But I think that qarp and other that you said might be mathematical formulas to make a wave? I'm not much of a programmer, but as an artist I think that's what it means lol, taking from vector graphics

  • It's complicated, but not that hard to understand. And yeah you probably have a good understanding of it as an artist.

    It's like a path with control points. But you have to take into account the more curvy you get the more objects you would need.

    This might be a good example:

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  • Thanks you, can you explain the qard one too?

  • That's just one less control point.

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