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  • Ads no longer show for logged in users.

    Also, all post formatting should now be fixed as much as possible. There will be an issue with VERY OLD post links.

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  • Speaking about links, is there any word on all the missing links in posts? Almost all my links to files on Dropbox and such are just gone, or the url is chopped.

    Anyways just curious. I probably won’t be fixing or re-adding the links in my posts myself.

  • Today's word:


    Used in a sentence:

    He's borken on it.

  • > > Alright you guys win, I'll disable them if you're logged in. I think that's a good compromise?


    > Definitely gets my vote!


    > Though I still don't know why there's advertising on the forum — certainly in the middle of the posts.


    > For example, there's already a "Pricing" and "Try Now" option at the top, both promoting purchase. One of those could be highlighted.


    > How much advertising does this forum need?

    Forum threads provide an excellent opportunity for organic content for search engines - if someone is trying to make a mobile game and searches Google for "How do I make a game like Angry Birds" (just an example) there's a chance a Construct forum thread could pop up. For new users stumbling onto the site like this, providing a short but sweet CTA is perfect rather than relying on them to navigate the site.

    Given the fact that Scirra's only revenue stream is the licencing model, it's perfectly reasonable for them to use every opportunity they get to communicate the value of the Construct platform to new users - especially when it comes to quality of life features like forums (which are clearly having a lot of work put in to them; embedded video, built in tab menus, tables) that cost more than you'd think to host, improve and maintain.

    Rather than passing this cost onto existing users by increasing the cost of subscription, do you not feel that's best for Scirra to put more effort into expanding their userbase?

    I feel like it should also be noted that the "Buy Now" page also features the free version of C3.

    I agree that this is a good example of a forum being someone's first point of contact with construct. But if they like what they see / read here in the forum, they'll investigate the software and what it can do. Then they'll make a decision to buy construct.

    Practically nobody will jump from an interesting forum topic to subscribing to software they've only just heard about.

    So the banners aren't helping. In fact they're interrupting the cool forum experience you're describing.

    I totally agree construct should be promoted to unregistered users. Just not this way; it's destructive to every use case I've heard and can imagine. Highlight the Buy Now button and ensure its on the mobile nav bar - everyone wins.

  • Tom, here is a small bug I noticed - "code" tag affects text width in the rest of the message:

  • The images are now visible but some threads of the forum of C2 are inaccessible, for example the thread of "tips & tricsk for NWjs"

  • Pushing update now for old URL's 404ing (ETA 10 min). If you still get 404's, clear your caches.

  • I have deleted the cookies but this error did not go away


  • That URL starts /es/en, remove on of them or both of them.

    Is there a link causing that every time for you?

  • Ok I already did it and it works, it looks different but it can be read correctly.

  • Tom: The old links are still not working:

    PLease check out this thread:


    Notice that in the first post there is a FX: .....here is should be the link....

  • Tom

    I can't upload a game to Scirra Arcade since I am getting "Server Error in '/' Application." error

    It's a fresh Construct 3 Scirra Arcade exported game.

  • Tom, Redirection still doesn't work for many old posts. If you try clicking links from FAQ, about 30-40% of them won't open.

    Also many external links completely disappeared from posts and comments. For example, half of the comments in this extremely useful post with audio resources now look like this:

  • It seems to me that every link directed out of the site, even those created recently, take me to a "ahh nuts something went wrong" page. Even copy and pasting the link doesn't work.

    Clicking on links directed to other threads seems to work though.

  • Hello, a question, I do not understand how to put images.

    I have the imgur link:

    i.imgur.com/YOghrnM.png [/ img]

    But that does not work.

    If I click on the "Insert image" button, this simply appears:

    the letters "img" in brackets

    I do not understand, how do I insert the image ?.

    I have inserted one previously but it has been helping me doing "quote" in another post of another user to see how the image was inserted but it was too much.

    Is it so difficult to insert an image?

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