Spine plugin update

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  • Thanks Mikal for your amazing work! <3

  • You are welcome, if you are using it please post screenshots, I am always interested to see it in action.

    Release 1.14.0 Added C3 web worker support.

    Release 1.14.1 Fix PMA bug regression (introduced in 1.11.0)

    Thanks to Erikari over at Esoteric for noticing the PMA issue.

    I added Web Worker support for spine-ts in the SharedAssetManager class, which is used in the Construct 3 Spine plugin. This enables us to use spine-ts and the Spine addon with Construct 3 in Web Worker mode (which can reduce FPS jank in a web browser, decoupling from the main browser thread.)

    The main changes for web worker: use fetch() instead of img.src (loading a HTMLImageElement), use ImageBitMap instead of HTMLImageElement, enable OffscreenCanvas instead of HTMLCanvasElement.

    Construct 3 web worker description here:


  • Release 1.15.0

    Set Slot Color (temporary until new skin set), Set Custom Color Attachment (set color of attachment of a custom skin and set to the custom skin.) Fix one frame animation bug.

    The new ACEs are useful for runtime customization of the Spine skeleton instances.


  • You guys are amazing! I just bought Spine and THEN I saw this. The planets are aligning hahaha. Cheers!

  • Release 1.16.2 Set Slot Color, Set Slot Dark Color. Apply Slot Color, Reset Slot Color. Set animation start (beginning, current time, current ratio). Set animation time/current ratio. Deprecate Set custom color attachment.

    For Dark Color to take effect, the slot must have 'Tint Black' enabled.

  • Release 1.17.0 Add debug property, SpineBBoxCenterX,Y expressions. UpdateBBoxes action.

    Bounding Box Attachment

    - SpineBBoxCenterX, SpineBBoxCenterY espressions give the average of the named slot/bbox polygon points. Useful for attaching C3 Sprite object / collision box to the center of the Bounding Box.

    - The UpdateBBoxes updates the bounding box to the current point in the animation. It should be done just once per tick per instance, before the SpineBBoxCenterX/Y expressions are used.

  • Add SpineBBoxGetPoly expression returns poly points in JSON format of named slot/bounding box attachment. Use with C3 Spine Mesh to create a very accurate Bounding Box in C3.

    SpineBBoxGetPoly expression returns poly points in JSON format array of named slot/bounding box attachment. Use C3 JSON object to parse and use points. The points are returned in top level JSON array [x0,y0, x1, y1,…]

  • Hi, I'm trying to get the position of a bounding box in my spine object. The bounding box in Spine is called "fuse_tip" but how can I get its position in C3?

    I tried: MySpineObject.SpineBBoxCenterX("fuse_tip","fuse_tip")

    It doesn't work but that's clearly because I don't understand why the function needs two arguments and what I should put in each one.


  • Additionally On Animation FInished or Or On ANy Animation Finished don't ever seem to trigger??

    I actually just set my anim to play once at the start (loop false) and it just plays forever.

    Something broken?

  • For the bbox, you need the Spine Slot name and the Spine BBox name. Check in the spine editor or in the Spine JSON what the slot/bbox names are.

  • On Animation Finished and On Any Animation Finished are working in my projects. Do you have a test project for me to review?

    If the test project is private, contact me on the Construct Community Discord and send it via DM.

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  • 1.22.2 Add animation track support. Default to track 0 for set, play, stop animation for backward compatibility, add isSekeltonLoaded ACE. Add track alpha control to blend animation between tracks. (Feature commissioned by Adrian - thank you!)


  • I am very happy to see, there is a spine plugin.

    Unfortunately, the whole thing does not work.

    I have downloaded your example file with the knight. It works. But my own is simply not displayed. What can be the reason for this?

    I proceeded as follows:

    I set my Spine version to 3.8.59.

    I have set the export settings to linear (and nearest).

    I exported without skins

    I uploaded the three export files(json,atlas,png) (in files).

    I have linked it to the Spine object.

    and tested them:

    But unfortunately just nothing is displayed.

    What can be the reason for this? What am I doing wrong?

    Here is my spine project:


    Maybe someone can have a look?

  • Mollekopp Can you post your sample C3 project with your Spine files included in it? If you do, I can help debug.

  • Hey Mikal.

    Thank you for helping me.

    Here is the project:


    and here is the spine file:


    The spine object is marked with an "S".

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