Local file & folder saves in Chrome

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    That's not great news but thanks for the response! Pretty terrible that they didn't give you more notice.

    Oh man, so I only just learned from looking at the "what's new in Chrome 86" release notes that they quietly completely changed the file system APIs starting in Chrome 86. This means r218 will not detect that the feature is available and so won't show the local file/folder save options.

    This was a really nasty way to find out they've made breaking changes and really throws a spanner in the works! In the past they've at least given a few releases notice with deprecation warnings to give us time to upgrade... looks like they've just skipped that this time.

    We're going to have to make a range of changes to Construct to update our code for all the changes they made to the API. I also would be reluctant to ship significant changes directly to the stable channel, since they won't have been thoroughly tested. I think the best thing to do here is to fix it for the next beta release and see how that goes before deciding if we backport anything to the stable release.

    So in short I'm afraid this will further delay the feature being reactivated again.

    That's really a bad move from Google :( Is there any workaround to use the Local File Folder at least for once? My Chrome has been updated to 86 and the project which I'm currently working on is on GitHub if I am somehow able to open the project then I can able to save it as a c3p. :(

    Edit 1: Successfully recovered, Thanks to Microsoft Edge.

    Edit 2: My bad, C3p is nothing but just a zip file. So there is nothing to be afraid here. Hope to see the File Folder System will come back soon.

    r219.2 should re-enable the local file/folder saves feature. If anything doesn't seem to be working right with that release please file an issue following all the guidelines as usual.

    r219.2 should re-enable the local file/folder saves feature. If anything doesn't seem to be working right with that release please file an issue following all the guidelines as usual.

    We really appreciate all the effort you guys made to bring back the "Local File system" in priority.


    I can check it myself that the issue which I raised yesterday is now fixed. Thank you. :) Hope to see "Local File system" will make a comeback to stable release too, Hopefully, Google won't interfere its way further more.

    AMAZING job guys.. "Save as single file" works once again :-)

    One workaround that I've found is to use the desktop version of Construct. The local project folder options are still available there.


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    After about a year of experimenting, I'm unstickying and locking this thread. The local file/folder saves feature is now enabled by default in C3 r219.2+ with Chrome 86+ and will make its way through the beta cycle to the next stable release like any other feature. The related origin trial is now over so there should be no further disruption to the availability of the feature.

    For the record, some further issues came up in beta releases with saving folder projects, so I've decided against merging the changes back to the r218 stable release. The fixes ought to have the full beta cycle to verify them. So this will (finally) ship enabled-by-default for everyone in the next stable release.

    This thread has served its purpose for being a place to notify people about an experimental feature and discuss it or any changes to it. I'm also closing it because threads like this tend to accumulate random support request replies in the long-term, and this is no longer an appropriate place for those kinds of posts - if you have any further questions or help requests for this feature, please start a new topic as you would do for any other Construct feature.

    Thanks to everyone who helped test this feature! It's been a bit of a bumpy ride at times but it's a significant step for the web that browser apps like Construct now have access to the file system. This makes it possible for the first time to provide features like folder projects in the browser. Previously this was only possible with native apps (like in Construct 2), and this step is another sign of the continual progress of the web platform. We'll be running more experiments in future - I'll start separate sticky threads for each of those in a similar manner as we did for this thread. Other experimental features should be shorter-lived before shipping enabled by default - this one was unusually long given the size and scope of features covering file system access in the browser. So, stay tuned on the forum for more experiments!

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