Local file & folder saves in Chrome

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    .............. ANd... saving to Chrome as opposed to hard drive is supposed to be preferable, because... WHY!?...

    I avoid using Chrome with its mandatory uncontrollable updates as much as possible, preferring to stick witth Firefox. And I don't want copies backed up on cloud or via a wifi connection; it's too risky for the data to get lost or corrupted. As it is, C3 relies too much on internet for my taste; I only use it because its documentation is so prolific on Youtube. I'd rather have something offline so I don't have to wrestle with wifi or stupid browsers all the damn time, but.

    Is this some sort of Big Brother thing? Selling a bad feature as a good feature by pure brute force of phrasing, as- what, a psychological test? A secret government regulation thing? The chocolate rations "raised", not LOWERED to 20 grams a week? Like with Ableton and various other softwares, just changing to impress it on the public users that our tools are not our own, in reality?

    Wait, what?

    This is to be able to save directly to hard drive rather than use the file api.


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    And I don't want copies backed up on cloud or via a wifi connection; it's too risky for the data to get lost or corrupted.

    Actually, I'd say this is a much safer save options. If you only have a local copy, you have a single point of failure - you risk losing your work in the event of software failure, hardware failure, theft, fire, flood etc. Cloud save is available on any device and many cloud services also have built-in backups, e.g. restoring a file to any time in the past 30 days. If you have important work I'd highly recommend setting up at least a backup to a cloud service.

    Update 23rd October: since this is now available in both the stable versions of Construct 3 and Chrome (since v78 is now out), all you need to do to enable the feature now is tick "Enable experimental features" in Settings. Hopefully this makes it easier to test. I've updated the original post to reflect this.

    This feature is really awesome, thanks for implementing this!

    Can I write files with the NWjs plugin in this? In the Desktop C3, I use the NWJS plugin to make text files at the NWjs.AppFolder. But when I run my game through Chrome, I can't even find where that file is saved, it's not found on my harddrive.

    The NWjs plugin only works in NWjs, not the Chrome browser.

    Ah dam, guess I'll have to stick with the desktop editor.

    Ah dam, guess I'll have to stick with the desktop editor.

    My launcher project will continue supporting C3 Desktop as long as possible. This might be an option for you, when official support is stopped.

    I always recommend using the Chrome version though, since NWjs comes with its own set of unique bugs. Good enough for occasional NWjs testing regardless.

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    I hope Scirra will add preview option for NWJS before retiring Desktop build. Having to do 150MB+ export every time you need to test anything with NWJS, and inability to debug will make development of desktop apps really difficult.

    TheRealDannyyy thanks for your support! ❤️ Hopefully it keeps working in the coming years, seems pretty cool

    The goal is to eventually delete all the desktop app specific code in Construct. A quick search shows over 60 places in the editor code where we branch off and do something different for desktop apps. It adds a lot of complexity and maintenance cost to the codebase, such as dozens of often awkward desktop-specific bugs, when we'd rather be spending our limited development resources on other things,. It also kind of defeats our generally very effective strategy of having a single product and single codebase, which is one of the reasons we've been able to keep up with much better resourced competitors.

    Removing this code means even third-party launchers will no longer be able to activate desktop features in Construct 3. Besides we could not offer support for that code if anything went wrong with it after that part of the product had been officially retired. Therefore even if we just left it behind and ignored it, there's a high chance it will eventually break and stop working anyway. So I'd rather fix any remaining problems, then retire the desktop builds, delete all the code they used, and get everyone to migrate off it in one go. Having a lingering usage of unsupported desktop apps with people still getting upset when it breaks is something I specifically want to avoid. I think dealing with the pain of a change up-front is actually better for everyone in the long run.

    There are still a few things to do, such as sorting out an NW.js preview alternative. I think Remote Preview should be able to handle that. Part of the plan is to identify these gaps and fill them in before we make the change. So please plan on the assumption you will be switching over - don't assume that there will be any support for desktop builds at all in the long term.

    Towards a replacement for previewing with NW.js, here's a simple way to get Remote Preview working in NW.js:

    • Download nwjs-remote-preview.zip
    • Download a version of NW.js from nwjs.io (note: download the "SDK" version if you need dev tools)
    • Extract both zip files to the same folder
    • Run nw.exe - you should see the Remote Preview page
    • Remote Preview from the browser-based editor, and paste the remote preview ID (or the full URL, it still works) in to the ID field in the NW.js Remote Preview and click 'Go'

    Then you should be previewing your project with full NW.js features enabled, e.g. writing to local files with the NW.js plugin.

    I'd be interested if you have any feedback on using that as an alternative.

    Most if not all features that run in Chrome (e.g. the new local file saving feature), will also run in NWjs, possibly even without the hassle of dealing with permission popups. I'm aware that specific features like opening external image editors won't be working anymore, after support for C3 desktop stops.

    Should the custom C3 desktop version not work properly regardless, I might come up with solution involving remote preview.

    EDIT: Ashley and I had the same idea, he was faster though.

    here's a simple way to get Remote Preview working in NW.js

    Ashley Thanks for providing this solution. But will it be possible to preview NWJS project in debug mode?

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