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  • Is it possible to tweak the physics settings of the particles to make them act like a gas rather than a fliud?

  • Anyone knows how to contact Colludium ?

    There is some problem with his account, it's not possible to purchase any of his plugins.

  • I'm having the same exact issue

  • This looks amazing, I'd like to buy it as well but can't. Colludium come back!

  • Maybe try contacting support? What does it say when you try to buy one of his plugins?

  • Maybe try contacting support? What does it say when you try to buy one of his plugins?

    This is the message I get: 'Failed to create PayPal payment (422)'

    This is what i found on the web:

    Error: 422 Unprocessable Entity

    This error means one of two things:

    Your PayPal account must have an adequate balance to cover the payouts it is attempting to process. Unlike personal PayPal accounts that withdraw from a bank or credit card source, you must have a sufficient existing PayPal balance to cover the referrals you are attempting to pay out, or you will receive this error. Also, know that your PayPal sandbox account has a separate balance than your live account, so make sure it is adequately funded as well prior to testing with a sandbox account.

    The currency code the funds are being sent in cannot be received by the recipient due to country or account regulations.

    I have enough funds in my account I assume there is a problem with his paypal account.

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  • Yeah, it's a confusing error message, but in this case it means some issue with the seller's account. There are a few posts on forums confirming this.

  • I´m currently on the hunt for info or at least ways to contact him. I will update if I find anything useful but Colludium is quite an elusive person (but I still found a bunch of personal info). There is a possibility that he just quit everything, as he closed down his company a few months ago.

    EDIT: Well Paypal wasn´t exactly helpful. They just confirmed that his account exists but for anything else I should contact him. Either way, best chance to get to colludium is probably this email or his discord:


    Another way would be to... send him a letter to his (last known) address :V

  • WackyToaster Well I added him on discord and wrote to his email yesterday, if he is still using them I will hopefully receive a answer in the coming days. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks for all the digging :)

  • Hi everyone - thanks for your interest in the plugin! Let me check out my itch account and I'll get back to you here. AFAIK there's no reason for any problems...

  • Ok, there was a problem with my paypal account which has now been resolved, so the itch store should work again. Thanks for your patience!! Please let me know if there are any more problems.

  • Colludium Nice! I just bought it. Thanks!

    edit: I'm having trouble running any of the example files in construct, i just get 'Please wait, loading...' and nothing else happens.

  • Has the plug been updated to use modules?

  • newt Oh snap, that was the reason, the project is set by default to 'modules' scripts type - and by setting it to 'classic' I can run the simulations.

  • Colludium - Can I add or remove existing particles to/from a group? Or can I assign new group tags to existing particles?

    I'm asking this because I'm looking for a way to dynamically create temporary group entities as long as the particles are within a certain range.

    For example: think of a blob monster made out of particles, it has a face sprite that acts like the 'child' of all the particles that make it up and always moves roughly in the middle of the group. When a smaller group of particles separates from the main group it becomes a new blob monster with it's own face and group. And they can also merge back together. Can this be done?

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