Liquidfun JavaScript - LFJS - [behavior]

  • Update v1.0.1.0

    • Code tidying.
    • A complete re-work of the body and joint destruction system to ensure better reliability.
    • Added protections so that you can destroy objects or joints out of order ie before destroying any associated gear joints.
    • Increased default memory allocation for better performance (check out the stress test!).
    • Rebuilt using Emscripten and the best webassembly optimisation options.
    • Fixed a couple of Box2d / Liquidfun core project bugs. Unbelievable, but I found a couple that were previously driving me mad (joints not being fully destroyed and a memory leak!).

    This should be the final update other than for maintenance. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or (better still) wish to share what you've made using this plugin.

  • Hi Colludium where can I buy and download the LFJS addon?



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  • Hi Colludium, your Itch page is no longer available. Can you please let me how to proceed to buy the LFJS addon?

  • Hi Colludium, We also want to purchase the plugin, Maybe exclusive.

    Please let us know if you're interested.

  • Hi Colludium

    Let me know how I can get your latest LFJS addon because your itch is unavailable.

    I need this addon or someone's recommendations on how to import WASM (WebAssembly) Liquidfun v7.0.0 (Github) to Construct 3 and how to create particles and kinematic bodies using this JS.


  • It appears that the plugin is no longer available and perhaps is no longer supported.

    I've opened a suggestion to have an additional plugin supported by Scirra based on the Google Liquidfun library.

    Please vote for the idea right here if you are interested in having a particle plugin able to reproduce water/liquid behavior. Suggestions are also welcome.

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