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  • Tombas - thanks!

  • Tombas , Shadownox - thank you both for your bug examples.

    Edit - still working the problem. More than one bug!

  • Nepeo - I wonder if I may ask for your help, if you're able?

    I did some regression testing and it appears that r237 and later versions of C3 break the LFJS plugin. Specifically, there is a crash when the layout restarts, but this only happens after there have been object collisions. The collision triggers operate in a similar way to the Physics plugin, but the callback and collision filtering system is different (I am not sure if this is relevant necessarily, but the fact that the crash only happens after a collision makes me suspect that the problem is here somewhere). Here are some details from the console:

    Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'GetFamilies' of null at EventSheet._Trigger (eventSheet.js:11) at EventSheetManager._Trigger (eventSheetManager.js:13) at EventSheetManager._RunQueuedTriggers (eventSheetManager.js:18) at Layout._StartRunning (layout.js:16) at async C3Runtime._DoChangeLayout (runtime.js:78) at async C3Runtime._MaybeChangeLayout (runtime.js:75) at async C3Runtime.Tick (runtime.js:68)

    This relates to this function:

    _Trigger(method, inst, behaviorType) {
     if (inst) {
     const objectClass = inst.GetObjectClass();
     let ret = false;
     let r = this._TriggerForClass(method, inst, objectClass, behaviorType);
     ret = ret || r;
     for (const family of objectClass.GetFamilies()) {
     r = this._TriggerForClass(method, inst, family, behaviorType);
     ret = ret || r
     } else
     return this._TriggerForClass(method, inst, null, null)

    I couldn't find anything in the plugin SDK examples that stood out as different and that maybe I should now be doing... I wondered what might have changed so that I can work around it? Thanks.

  • Colludium Nepeo .. Hi guys? Any news? :-)

  • Hi Ashley - I know that support for 3rd-party plugins can be a bind. If you could shed light on this (2 posts above) then that would be amazing. Thanks in advance.

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  • In general it's impossible to tell from posts like this. We have the bug report guidelines that require specific information because it's usually impossible to help without it.

    My best guess from using telepathic debugging is you are passing a destroyed instance, which is a bug in your addon code, not Construct, and that any change in r237 was an unrelated internal change that made your addon's bug go from innocuous to failing.

  • I hope you can figure it out, the fixed step rate is awesome, as it saves a lot of time when dealing with 120-240hz which made physics a pain. Sadly, r237 is quite a while back, but I think I will have to use the older version for now.

  • Ashley - I totally understand and appreciate your telepathic debugging guestimate as to the possible cause. I meant no implication that this was a bug in C3, I merely hoped to identify what changes might have elicited this plugin bug.

    To everyone else - I am still working this and will keep you updated. Thanks for your patience.

  • Update - v1.0.0.24

    Bugfix to correct errors when handling the destruction of assimilated objects.

    Please let me know if this works for you Shadownox Tombas - hopefully this is all fixed now. Thanks for your patience everyone!

  • Colludium Hi I have this error message.

    Here is .c3p

    Thanks for your hardwork :-)

  • Hi Tombas - I don't get the error message when I run the layout... :/

    Is there anything I need to do to make it happen?

  • Colludium try change layout by click on "play button" on bottom right.

  • Tombas - I can reproduce the bug. Rolls sleeves up... :)

  • Update - bugfix - v1.0.0.25

    Fixed a crash when destroying bodies with joints.

    Tombas - hopefully this will have fixed it for you - please let me know if you find any more problems.

  • Colludium Holy moly, it's working :-D :-O ... I lost hope before ... Now I can learn whats new in 20 new versions :-D ... In future I will send you my full game when I finish it :-)


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