Dreamstrata from 2 to 3 : Thoughts

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  • What's happening people? It's going to be a busy day. Construct 2 to 3 migration is happening, and there was only one thing that broke so far, which was object tinting. Once that is taken care of, all functions will be re-written with the new blocks. That should take a while.

    All in all, it's a good experience so far. I enjoy the search being able to find all instances of a query across the project.

  • Speaking of broken tint, it's because of the change from the 3 parameter value setup into the single parameter by using rgb(x,x,x). This is a good one. This subscription already paid for itself with these tiny updates. Can't wait to find more.

  • On top of these things, the newly built search makes it very easy to update the old functions to the new built-in function blocks. Workflow is so enhanced and the only thing happening so far is logic migration.

  • Another great feature of the new search is that it no longer arbitrarily isolates blocks in the event sheet. Alongside this, being able to have the search results open and clicking on them to jump to each result makes it 10 times faster to make changes.

  • A difference in panel handling is that the object properties panel only shows up if you are in the layout where the instance is placed. In construct 2, as long as the object is placed, the properties panel will show.

    It's respectable if the idea is to provide a sense of consistency where editing is only possible where the object is placed, although I liked how the properties were available regardless of what layout you are looking at in the editor in Construct 2.

  • One of the updates that confused me right when I opened C3 up was the syncing of global layer content. In Construct 2, content was only made visible in the layout that the objects were placed in regardless of whether the layers were set to global or not.

    This update makes the global layer concept less confusing.

  • It's great to have Construct 3 tell you in a dialog what the undo step is doing. It allows you to know better when you can finishing reversing your steps. It's a convenient addition to undo history.

  • Categorizing functions in C3 was a great addition. You appreciate it a little more as long as you keep populating the categories.

  • The Comment background coloring is great because of its ability to organize event sheets just a little bit more. Rather than using sub-groups, creating a sub-header with background colored comments and explaining logic with colorless sub-comments really makes things easier to see.

  • Aside from fixing how broken the C2 object replace was, the new one allows picking between the condition object or the action object. That's great. Object replace in C2 upset me so much on many occasions.

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  • This is one of those unimportant call to actions where only the ultimately anal would feel truly jarred. Getting the parameter boxes to be colored so that they match the theme. For now, they are bound to the light theme.

  • Being able to drag the search window out and create it's own pop up window is a nice touch. Making it independent of construct UI makes it so that your panels aren't tampered with and you can use Windows alignment instead.

    Workflow options everyone.

  • Being able to dock the find panel would be nice. It's been floating in the middle of my UI without feeling like it has a home. I already opened up an idea at the place where ideas are voted.

  • After migrating C2 to C3 functions and tidying up the logic in the main character's control event sheet, you get to collapse it and see how organized it all is with groups that are finally categorized with proper titles.

  • I noticed that Construct 3 now uses stricter handling of variable comparisons against strings and numbers. For example, you can't set a text parameter with a number and have to concatenate it with a blank string or change it with the str() function.

    Another case would be comparing dictionary key names with numbers, which can't be done anymore. So you have to change the integer into a string. This almost made me destroy the planet before I figured out what was going on, because my input bindings menu is heavily dependent on comparing key names with numbers.

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