Will Construct 3 support Nintendo Switch?

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  • There are already third-party porting services that use an approach along those lines to port to Switch, like Chowdren.

    I'd add JavaScript is actually a much more secure language than C/C++ - memory safety issues like buffer overruns are very common high-severity issues in languages like C, and are basically impossible in JavaScript.

  • I agree with Ashley there's already chowdren. Considering on how long it's been since people started wanting this I don't think we'll have some "Nintendo switch plugin" (if that's how it works) like the "Xbox plugin" for a looooong time or never

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  • I mean a community driven project in that regard would be cool, but it will be hard to get this going. It will require a lot of time, a lot of thought and at least a couple of experienced developers. I´d be surprised if such a project goes anywhere without 1-2 really committed developers and/or financial backing.

    But please, surprise me :)

  • The youtube app on Switch is a web app wrapped in a webview. So something like this would be technically possible with C3 games, but it seems to be a privilege only for Google.

  • Chowdren is cool and all but it's not open for everyone from my understanding. You'd have to go through them specifically and get the process going. Kind of a brick wall

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