Construct 3 Subscription Fee Or Buy (Pay Once) Vote

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    > > Buy, of course.

    > >

    > > The subscription is great news, especially for ClickTeam and Yoyogames.

    > >




    The C3 subscription is great news indeed for ClickTeam and Yoyogames going to see a increase in sales as of April

    In the offices of ClickTeam and Yoyogames they are celebrating with cava, they already have the marketing campaign created.


    Wouldn't mind paying for occasional updates (but not 100$ every year)

    I want to be the owner of my license and be in control.

    Thinking again, it entirely depends on the price they would ask if it would be a one off payment. If it'd be $500, then I think I prefer the subscription model. Even though a subscription is always a disappointment. If same one off payment price as Construct 2, (which everyone is probably comparing it with) then obviously that's a no brainer. But we don't know that.

    Buy once.

    is right. Nobody would choose to subscribe. But If Scirra thinks that subscription suits best I don't mind to paying even more than $99/year.

    wizdigitech How about doing a Straw Poll and ask the community that way (like Scirra used to do in the past).

    Not that it will have any impact on Scirra but would still be interesting to see how many people actually like the new system and would roll with it.

    i vote for 1 just for laugh

    no need to vote , scirra knows what we want already but they dont listen just like clickteam wich didn't listen and ashley had to leave and make his own engine so we have to do that => leave !

    if unity is unity today becuase they listen to users

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    Buy once.

    Sorry I just had to comment that the dolls on your Website look gorgeous.

    The one on the upper right looks like it has a pull string like Woody from Toy Story?


    Pay once.

    Then release C4 next year, so I can pay again get even more new cool features.

    People who don't need the new stuff can stick with the old version.

    Buy !!!!!!!!!!


    i have ideas why and i assume it's for the better.


    cloud exclusive services can have an extra fee.



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