Construct 3 Subscription Fee Or Buy (Pay Once) Vote

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    (I do not and will not ever "subscribe" to software, either you sell me a copy and I own it forever or I go elsewhere and use other software, your choice.)


    (advertise your cloud based services in the editor if you want - convince me its worth it at least)

    optionally subscribe for cloud based services - but not a requirement if you wanna make a freaking html5 game that still needs bundling with a glorified web browser in order to work out of the box


    buy Fusion 3 instead

    Clickteam has been working on patching all of the cons their engine had when compared to construct and will also release this year -one time payment for license, native exporters, multiplatform editor. You guys are comitting harakiri here. Good luck

    Buy, everytime I report a reasonable bug and my topic gets closed due to response is "Closed. Won't fix" I'm tired of this and it won't work for subscription model.


    I think it's ridiculous to be asking this question to the members, when it's not the community's decision. It's the business owners who make the business plans.

    It's like me making a poll about "should C3 be $99 a month or a $1 one time payment". Obviously what most people would want is the one that benefits themselves and not the business more.


    But even in a non subscription model, the new product doesn't look good.

    I'll stick with Construct 2 and prepare to move on since I don't think scirra will maintain it for a long time.


    For the votes: BUY.

    To take in consideration:

    -Offer the software in buying model with 12 months support that include updates (for example 120€).

    -After that, offer a renewal for 12 more months support and updates at lower price (for example 60€).

    -The people that they doesn't the renewal, lose support and updates, BUT THEY COULD STILL USE C3.

    -PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, support Firefox or Opera ASAP.

    The owners can take a percentage of the profits to avoid all the people only pay for the first year (probably the case of most hobbiest).

    I think would be good for everyone...

    P.D.2: sorry for my poor english but it's late ;D

    Sorry I just had to comment that the dolls on your Website look gorgeous.

    The one on the upper right looks like it has a pull string like Woody from Toy Story?

    Thank you very much, very sweet of you to say. Yes the bigger ones have pull string, where you pull and the eyes will change color and direction. 4 different sets of colors.

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    Buy, of course ! Please make C3 better than C2 !

    I don't mind subscriptions:

    • The up front cost is reduced, and for most products I buy that way it takes several years for the subscription to become more expensive; often there are major updates within that timeframe that would mean an additional up front payment, and if I don't need the subscription for the whole time I end up saving money.
    • The regular income can be beneficial to Scirra, which then also benefits me because they can keep doing awesome stuff.


    Buy! Of course...


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