Construct 3 Subscription Fee Or Buy (Pay Once) Vote

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    This Construct 3 Announcement almost knock me out. I wish you all the best but sorry to I am not paying no Subscription Fee... To show you I am not the only one who love Construct 2 and welling to BUY Construct 3 here goes guys let VOTE let Scirra see that we care:

    Construct 3

    Subscription Fee per year ________Vote: 16


    BUY (Pay Once for life time) _____Vote: 84

    2. Zebbi - Buy3. - Buy (or Subs... $60/yr)4. - Buy5. Discmach - Buy (or Subs... $50-$60/yr)6. MATAGUIRIS - Buy7. Zonacas - Buy8. helena - Buy9. facundo Sanchis - Buy10. Rco250jmx - Buy11. MPPlantOfficial - Buy12. TodaysTuts - Buy13. tunepunk - Buy14. gioca72 - Buy15. Joannesalfa - Buy16. IJCT - Buy17. arod17pr - Buy18. OldieSteve - Buy19. blurymind - Buy and pay for major version upgrades20. radbrothers - Buy21. mangue - Buy22. newt - Buy23. ferenzcy - Buy24. 3dslider - Buy25. bakudas - Buy26. Ramon0 - Buy27. rekjl - Buy28. Tylermon - Buy29. pinoypixel - Buy (or Subs... Have Compiler) 30. Sylverstone14 - Buy31. - Buy32. raimargass - Buy33. ultrafop - Buy34. TecenGOD - Buy35. signaljacker - Buy36. sizcoz - Buy (or Subs... $29-$49/yr) 37. GSE - Buy38. - Buy39. TRMG - Buy40. irbis - Buy41. Lasmelan - Buy42. PseudoCode - Buy43. codexsg - Buy44. Sebastian - Buy45. saiyadjin - Buy46. Viruz - Buy (or Subs... Not sure after 1yr)47. mahdi71 - Buy (or Subs... just to LMAO)48. emoaeden - Buy Because Is's best for users49. Psychokiller1888 - Buy Because Subs... wont work50. Lowren - Buy for $200-$30051. - Buy52. - Buy53. BobZee - Buy54. totoyan - Buy55. paradine - Buy56. the Mnk - Buy57. gumshoe2029 - Buy (or Subs... For Optional Support)58. Cobra - Buy like it has always been59. Burvey - Buy60. kossglobal - Buy61. dark1994 - Buy62. lavareef - Buy63. whoisda - Buy64. davides - Buy65. Mayfly - Buy66. immortalx - Buy67. rajke88 - Buy68. Inzodgames - Buy for $12069. khysuije - Buy70. helekopeter - Buy71. oldandgrey - Buy72. Qalamar - Buy73. ErekT - Buy74. GDaD - Buy75. Cherico - Buy76. Bleenx - Buy77. DARTH Crusher - Buy78. hookecho - Buy79. Totally2d - Buy80. hookecho - Buy81. Blam - Buy82. hollowthreat - Buy83. Lolimentn - Buy84. Wolfpaw - Buy

    . - Buy



    @Tom - Subscription Fee $99 (Because Scirra have Employees to pay wizdigitech words)

    1. - Subscription Fee

    2. bilgekaan - Subscription Fee $99/yr or more

    3. Rudi55 - Subscription Fee(or Buy for $120)

    4. - Subscription Fee

    5. rozpustelnik - Subscription Fee

    6. OrangeTapioca - Subscription Fee

    7. jbadams - Subscription Fee

    8. Joannesalfa - Subscription Fee

    9. Everade - Subscription Fee (or Buy Not Happy with Subs)

    10. Waltuo - Subscription Fee (or Buy $99)

    11. Jaydon - Subscription Fee (or Buy if there's a buy option)

    12. glerikud - Subscription Fee

    13. foxium - Subscription Fee

    14. DeusEx - Subscription Fee

    15. - Subscription Fee

    16. lamar - Subscription Fee

    . - Subscription Fee


    If ANYONE need to change vote please PM me

    Scirra Construct 3 Earning for 2017

    If Subscription Fee Sale

    16 * $99 = $1,584.00

    If Buy Now Pay Once Sale

    84 * $120 = $10,080.00

    Scirra Construct 3 Earning for 2018

    If Subscription Fee Sale

    1 * $99 = $99.00

    If Buy Now Pay Once Sale

    1 * $120 = $120.00

    you are posting the wrong question . The correct question is : Is the subscription model business a problem for you ? . because I prefer one life payment , but subscription plan is not a problem for me and many others.

    No one will ever say I prefer the subscription model

    Just Comment Buy or Subscription Fee and i add you to the list you can quote a price also for them to charge us... We need your vote dont let Donald Trump win here also vote

    hmmg i am putting you down for Subscription Fee. so tell me if i most change it to Buy

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    I did not give my vote dude , this vote is pointless , but if you change the vote question , i would say it's not a problem


    How about...

    Business License: Subscription ($240/yr)

    Personal License : Subscription ($120.00/yr)

    Not Yet Earning: $60.00 (One Time)

    How about...

    Business License: Subscription ($120/yr)

    Personal License : Subscription ($60.00/yr)

    Not Yet Earning: $60.00 (One Time)

    And what you going to do one year after pay $60 again... NO

    one to two year now i buy C2 still cant reach the £60 threshold on admob and i pay $120 for C2 I would most lick my head to pay a subscription fee to borrow C3, better i go to a friend house and use it for free... We can all get ready for a next shocker to hear that construct 2 have no more update, Therefore BUY is my Vote


    (or sub if priced at $50-60 - no cloud storage/nonsense, should reduce load on servers etc hence cheaper price)

    Buy, of course.

    The subscription is great news, especially for ClickTeam and Yoyogames.


    Buy, of course.

    The subscription is great news, especially for ClickTeam and Yoyogames.

    Buy once.

    I really think you are making a mistake with the annual subscription.

    I'm from Argentina. C2 user.

    I have made my first game, Orange Adventure on Construct2 ( but even though the game has quality, I do not live to develop games. It's more of a hobby.

    And my situation is repeated in thousands of users who do not use the software for months, but then re-develop once time has passed.

    South America it's a totally diferent market. A $99 year subscription is more expensive than an year Adobe Full suscription in my country.

    I'm starting developing my second game in C2. I was looking forward to the C3 ads, but now I think I'll stick with C2 or GM2 instead.

    I can not afford such a costly subscription for something I use a few months a year as a hobby.

    > Buy, of course.


    > The subscription is great news, especially for ClickTeam and Yoyogames.


    The C3 subscription is great news indeed for ClickTeam and Yoyogames going to see a increase in sales as of April

    facundo Sanchis i feel your pain

    i am putting you down for Buy. so tell me if i most change it to Subscription Fee

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