Construct 3 Subscription Fee Or Buy (Pay Once) Vote

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    This Construct 3 Announcement almost knock me out. I wish you all the best but sorry to I am not paying no Subscription Fee... To show you I am not the only one who love Construct 2 and welling to BUY Construct 3 here goes guys let VOTE let Scirra see that we care:

    Construct 3

    Subscription Fee per year ________Vote: 16


    BUY (Pay Once for life time) _____Vote: 84

    2. Zebbi - Buy3. - Buy (or Subs... $60/yr)4. - Buy5. Discmach - Buy (or Subs... $50-$60/yr)6. MATAGUIRIS - Buy7. Zonacas - Buy8. helena - Buy9. facundo Sanchis - Buy10. Rco250jmx - Buy11. MPPlantOfficial - Buy12. TodaysTuts - Buy13. tunepunk - Buy14. gioca72 - Buy15. Joannesalfa - Buy16. IJCT - Buy17. arod17pr - Buy18. OldieSteve - Buy19. blurymind - Buy and pay for major version upgrades20. radbrothers - Buy21. mangue - Buy22. newt - Buy23. ferenzcy - Buy24. 3dslider - Buy25. bakudas - Buy26. Ramon0 - Buy27. rekjl - Buy28. Tylermon - Buy29. pinoypixel - Buy (or Subs... Have Compiler) 30. Sylverstone14 - Buy31. - Buy32. raimargass - Buy33. ultrafop - Buy34. TecenGOD - Buy35. signaljacker - Buy36. sizcoz - Buy (or Subs... $29-$49/yr) 37. GSE - Buy38. - Buy39. TRMG - Buy40. - Buy41. Lasmelan - Buy42. PseudoCode - Buy43. codexsg - Buy44. Sebastian - Buy45. saiyadjin - Buy46. Viruz - Buy (or Subs... Not sure after 1yr)47. mahdi71 - Buy (or Subs... just to LMAO)48. emoaeden - Buy Because Is's best for users49. Psychokiller1888 - Buy Because Subs... wont work50. Lowren - Buy for $200-$30051. - Buy52. - Buy53. BobZee - Buy54. totoyan - Buy55. paradine - Buy56. the Mnk - Buy57. gumshoe2029 - Buy (or Subs... For Optional Support)58. Cobra - Buy like it has always been59. Burvey - Buy60. kossglobal - Buy61. dark1994 - Buy62. lavareef - Buy63. whoisda - Buy64. davides - Buy65. Mayfly - Buy66. immortalx - Buy67. rajke88 - Buy68. Inzodgames - Buy for $12069. khysuije - Buy70. helekopeter - Buy71. oldandgrey - Buy72. Qalamar - Buy73. ErekT - Buy74. GDaD - Buy75. Cherico - Buy76. Bleenx - Buy77. DARTH Crusher - Buy78. hookecho - Buy79. Totally2d - Buy80. hookecho - Buy81. Blam - Buy82. hollowthreat - Buy83. Lolimentn - Buy84. Wolfpaw - Buy

    . - Buy



    @Tom - Subscription Fee $99 (Because Scirra have Employees to pay wizdigitech words)

    1. - Subscription Fee

    2. bilgekaan - Subscription Fee $99/yr or more

    3. - Subscription Fee(or Buy for $120)

    4. - Subscription Fee

    5. rozpustelnik - Subscription Fee

    6. OrangeTapioca - Subscription Fee

    7. jbadams - Subscription Fee

    8. Joannesalfa - Subscription Fee

    9. Everade - Subscription Fee (or Buy Not Happy with Subs)

    10. Waltuo - Subscription Fee (or Buy $99)

    11. Jaydon - Subscription Fee (or Buy if there's a buy option)

    12. glerikud - Subscription Fee

    13. foxium - Subscription Fee

    14. DeusEx - Subscription Fee

    15. - Subscription Fee

    16. lamar - Subscription Fee

    . - Subscription Fee


    If ANYONE need to change vote please PM me

    Scirra Construct 3 Earning for 2017

    If Subscription Fee Sale

    16 * $99 = $1,584.00

    If Buy Now Pay Once Sale

    84 * $120 = $10,080.00

    Scirra Construct 3 Earning for 2018

    If Subscription Fee Sale

    1 * $99 = $99.00

    If Buy Now Pay Once Sale

    1 * $120 = $120.00

    you are posting the wrong question . The correct question is : Is the subscription model business a problem for you ? . because I prefer one life payment , but subscription plan is not a problem for me and many others.

    No one will ever say I prefer the subscription model

    Just Comment Buy or Subscription Fee and i add you to the list you can quote a price also for them to charge us... We need your vote dont let Donald Trump win here also vote

    hmmg i am putting you down for Subscription Fee. so tell me if i most change it to Buy

    I did not give my vote dude , this vote is pointless , but if you change the vote question , i would say it's not a problem


    How about...

    Business License: Subscription ($240/yr)

    Personal License : Subscription ($120.00/yr)

    Not Yet Earning: $60.00 (One Time)

    How about...

    Business License: Subscription ($120/yr)

    Personal License : Subscription ($60.00/yr)

    Not Yet Earning: $60.00 (One Time)

    And what you going to do one year after pay $60 again... NO

    one to two year now i buy C2 still cant reach the £60 threshold on admob and i pay $120 for C2 I would most lick my head to pay a subscription fee to borrow C3, better i go to a friend house and use it for free... We can all get ready for a next shocker to hear that construct 2 have no more update, Therefore BUY is my Vote


    (or sub if priced at $50-60 - no cloud storage/nonsense, should reduce load on servers etc hence cheaper price)

    Buy, of course.

    The subscription is great news, especially for ClickTeam and Yoyogames.


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    Buy, of course.

    The subscription is great news, especially for ClickTeam and Yoyogames.

    Buy once.

    I really think you are making a mistake with the annual subscription.

    I'm from Argentina. C2 user.

    I have made my first game, Orange Adventure on Construct2 ( but even though the game has quality, I do not live to develop games. It's more of a hobby.

    And my situation is repeated in thousands of users who do not use the software for months, but then re-develop once time has passed.

    South America it's a totally diferent market. A $99 year subscription is more expensive than an year Adobe Full suscription in my country.

    I'm starting developing my second game in C2. I was looking forward to the C3 ads, but now I think I'll stick with C2 or GM2 instead.

    I can not afford such a costly subscription for something I use a few months a year as a hobby.

    > Buy, of course.


    > The subscription is great news, especially for ClickTeam and Yoyogames.


    The C3 subscription is great news indeed for ClickTeam and Yoyogames going to see a increase in sales as of April

    facundo Sanchis i feel your pain

    i am putting you down for Buy. so tell me if i most change it to Subscription Fee

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