Construct 3 Subscription Fee Or Buy (Pay Once) Vote

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    > For me it had to be pay once. From reading on what C3 will bring compared to C2 it just doesn't give enough to warrant a £99 a year subscription. Game making has always been a hobby for me so I guess C3 just isn't for me. It's a shame as I have enjoyed the interface despite the export setbacks. Native android export would be the only thing that sold me on a yearly sub for C3 but we know that isn't in the plan.


    Just to clarify it's $99 USD not £99. I know this might not change your opinion, but just want to clear that up for anyone else reading.

    Thanks for the clarification. $99 every year still will not change my opinion

    Hello Everyone,

    I personally never bought anything with subscription except the web hosting maybe.

    All other software i have in my collection is on time payment and its very important to me.

    So i suggest not changing license / payment strategies for Construct 3.

    Cheers all!

    i choose nothing at all. buy or subscription i dont like the methods of scirra anymore. they dont respect their supporters. all the other companies hear their buyers and do their best to please them or they just tried to. this engine with the multiplatform export failure and the stubborn devs about native want to serve something old for new again. its not the end of the world. there are alternatives also. if i want to make html5 games i got c2 which feels the same like c2.5 ...i mean c3.

    im still waiting for proper and working multiple lights in parallax btw. thats my last post in the forum and im sorry if with some of you have some not so civil conversations. best of luck to all

    C3 buy 120

    It will be good for Mac users, linux. PC users leaves the doubt is the end of c2 ?, want to know if c2 when it comes to update 299 will be the end of it? When bought there are written updates for life, misleading advertising? That's the validity of it 57 updates for 90, 120 US $.

    Are we buying a program that already has an expiration date?

    If it is the continuation of the program with the same name, are not we having Breach of contract

    If I "subscribe" to c3 am I accepting the breach of contract?

    I think the new program should be renamed because of legal action.

    They are not threats, they are only doubts.

    Inzodgames Scirra stated that they will support C2 in the future. However we can't expect them to do it forever (when we'll be 80 years old for ex.). Every software has an expiration date, but I think C2 still has a long way to go before reaching that point.


    as A hobbyist can't imagine pay a subscription. If so, i will move to another software


    The percentage between buy and subscriptions is increased in favor of buy, more and more, subscriptions seem to have stagnated and people who prefer to buy,Increases more and more

    It seems that most of the C2 user base are not companies but simple users who have a hobby

    Do you really believe that the subscription model will work in this case?

    Do you really believe that the subscription model will work in this case?

    Scirra (and maybe the consultants they may have hired) thinks its a viable and sustainable business model. This thread is a bit of fun, but its a poll of under a 100 users

    Either if The prices are properly set. Subscription way too high at the moment.

    Sadly I like many just use construct2 more as hobby. However I find the free version too limiting as I might occasionally try and sell something just to help offset some of the associated costs e.g. where I have bought audio or images. However if I was to total what I sold over the next 10 years I suspect I would still never reach the limit for a professional version.

    As a hobby I was happy to indulge myself and pay for a license knowing that I could spread it over a few years before I paid for the next big upgrade. However the current proposed subscription is way more than I would be prepared to pay in order to play at writing games.

    No doubt scirra have taken this path deliberately and after much research. Intending to dramatically reduce the number of users (easing support issues), but increase the revenue from each "serious user". Additionally by moving to a subscription model they help lock many of those users in.

    I believe this is a seriously flawed approach and I sincerely hope they change their mind and tweak their model to allow users to continue to use the last version they had downloaded before their subscription ran (out including the editor). I know they say it is not their intention to hold our games hostage but that is exactly what they are planning to do.

    Whatever they do I wish them well as I have enjoyed my time using construct2.


    Well, could be that they're seeing C2 as something that'll continue to be a viable offering to hobbyists and one-man indies while C3 targets small studios and the like (and anyone not scared off by annual subs). Two products for different market segments.

    C2 won't magically turn into cack once C3 hits the store page, so I really don't get all the talk about migrating away from Construct myself, but to each their own

    Oh... buy obviously. Might be able to put up with subs, on the fence atm.


    Annual subscription is not bad at all. Personally I'm ok with either way.

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    Depends on what you are getting for that subscription. If C3 is fully loaded and working why subscribe to get updates and use the cloud?

    I will try out the free versions and probably wait a year for Scirra to get the bugs out of C3 beta and then consider if I want it and if the addons are worth $99 a year.

    It seems to be more for console and mobile designers serious about publishing games and making money than the average C2 user that just wants to create and hopes they get lucky with a good game.


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