Construct 3 NW.js desktop app [Deprecated]

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  • If I press F12 in preview to open developer tools, and then close the preview window, Construct crashes. I've trained myself to save the project every few minutes and always close the dev tools window before closing the preview, but still forget about this sometimes and lose my work...

    Is there any fix for this issue? I'm using the latest NW.js SDK version.

    Please report it as a bug on their Github, instead of posting here.

  • Why not for Mac?

  • Hi desktop fans, is anyone else getting a large grey box over the screen when saving to a local folder? Also the save time seems to have gone from 2 seconds to 30 seconds. Just wondering if that was a construct thing or an nwjs thing. Every now and then it tells me I don't have permission to save to the local folder, but when I close and reopen it has saved everything. Then it continues to save without errors (just the new 'big grey delay box').

    EDIT 1: This seems to be an nwjs problem - v0.47 gave me a host of problems, v0.46 seems to be mostly fine.

    EDIT 2: No unfortunately the saving issue is back. Every 4 or 5 saves it tells me I don't have permission to save

    EDIT 3: Come full circle and now leaning towards construct issues. After updating the following 2 problems have appeared:

    • Hidden objects now showing for 1 frame at start of layout
    • Function to put game into fullscreen mode on startup has been working for 2 years, and now doesn't
  • Apologies Ashley for bothering you, but I was wondering about the official status of the local project folder save? It doesn't seem to be available on the web version so wondering if it was being retired? The desktop/nwjs version has it, but as per my post above it is causing me a lot of issues. I don't understand why it works fine 3 or 4 times in a row, then tells me I don't have permission to save. Tested this on the latest 2 versions of nwjs and the problem persists.

  • After the latest update I got the following prompt.

    I was unable to open my project (Open local project folder did nothing).

    So I tried updating to the newest version of NW.js by following the instructions in the first post, but it didn't fix the issue.

    I now have to use the nw.exe to run Construct in order to open my project. The launcher is gone... What did I do wrong?

  • Local file/folder saves are now supported in Chrome, so you don't need to use the desktop app just for that. If you do want to keep using the desktop app, make sure you download the latest version again from the first post in this thread, and follow the instructions to use it with the latest version of NW.js.

  • Ok, I'll give the browser app another try. When I started my AV was preventing me from running Construct in my browser. It's working now. Hopefully I wont run into any problems. Thank you.

  • Is there a way to lock the desktop version to use an old version of Construct 3?

    The ability to export as html5 seems to have disappeared in the new version, and I want to try if downgrading to b204 fixes it.

  • Sorry, I meant to say that the ability to export as html5 into a local folder seems gone from b210 on the Desktop.

  • It's not gone, it was changed, previously you had to choose a directory before the export.

    Now, after you export you'll get a link to download a zip file and it will be kept in your exports manager.

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  • It's not gone, it was changed, previously you had to choose a directory before the export.

    Now, after you export you'll get a link to download a zip file and it will be kept in your exports manager.

    That's a huge downgrade for me. I was relying on being able to quickly export the html5 project into a folder. I don't want to have to download a zip file, and manually extract it into a folder. I don't know why somebody would want a zip file, but alas, can we at least get the old way back as an option?

    I'm integrating my games with my website, and the only way to test that locally is to export it so it can live with my website - the preview just doesn't work for that - so the less effort I have to manually do to export back into a folder the better. I was going to ask for it to remember the last folder it was exported to (or even allow picking the Export Type with the keyboard), but I'll take what it was over what it is now. :/

  • how can i make a loop game

    the idea of ​​the game is

    a simple sprite

    that he will be born

    on the map when he is born will have

    two doors, one locked and the other open when he enters the open, he goes back to the beginning and now the door that was closed is going to be open and so will be repeated someone can help me

  • The filesize from the Stable (and Beta) Release is 30 kb. Ashley

  • macube This is correct. Basically now it's "" running in WNjs.

  • It's been a while since I used Construct 3.

    I remember it was around 70MB and simple portable run, no extra tasks easy-pizzy!

    So launch it from my desktop and I got a message that leads me here, something about NW.js updates

    I followed the manual instructions downloaded the zip and put everything on the same directory.

    Everything works but without the icon of construct 3 (it shows NW.js).


    It seems like the setup is more complicated now, and need manual updates every time new NW.js is out which make sense but not so user-friendly for people who doesn't use the browser version like myself.

    I got a few questions:

    1 - Is there a more simple way (like it was) for Desktop build? (Sorry, I can't stand the browser one)

    2 - I noticed that there is no windows-store version when I searched, will it come back soon?

    3 - Is the only way now is the manual instructions? (not a big fan but need to know).

    4 - With the current manual-extraction based on the instructions, how do I get the Construct 3 icon to show in my desktop? the shortcut shows the NW.js icon so I just renamed it to Construct 3...

    5 - Will you PLEASE make a portable build (even if it's over 200MB it's still better) to download and run like it was originally? (will you add auto-update NW.js within Construct?) please consider this.


    I'm sorry for the confusion, I just want to know if the Desktop-Build is going to stay like this or will get back to how it was (much better and simple = download, run) before I subscribe for another year...

    Thanks ahead!

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