Construct 3 NW.js desktop app [Deprecated]

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  • I just installed the latest desktop version and the latest nwjs but it just crashed so I went back to the old version. However now C3 won't start at all. First I got a message that I've been using a newer version of NWJS or something. So I deleted what I had in appData for nwjs but it didn't help and now nothing happens when I try to run C3. I have tried everything but can't get it to work again. Tried downloading the latest version but doesn't work either anymore.

    Any idea what I can do to go back to the old version again?

  • I think I've correctly identified the crashing issue and reported it to the NWjs dev team.

    As some of you already found out. It only seems to occur with NWjs v0.45.0+. I'd recommend using NWjs v0.44.X until it's fixed.

  • Thank You.

  • On a separate note from the above issues, is there any way to change 'chrome settings' in the exe/anywhere (I'm using an older construct3-win64-c73-stable) desktop solution.

    The problem I'm having is the colors are dull relative to how they should be, and discovered that was a chrome color profile issue, which I could change in the browser, but those changes didn't carry over into the construct editor.

    It's especially frustrating when I want to take screenshots during debug but the colors are all off, and personally the browser version is very inconvenient/not realistic for me to use.

  • SwiftIllusion

    You can try changing the "chromium-args" property of package.json. Here you can find all the chromium flags you can use

  • DiegoM Thanks so much, that worked perfectly :)!

  • how can I download construct 3 Desktop for Macbook?

    on windows I had it on the desktop, with IOS I can't ...

    who can help me?


  • marco33

    Follow the steps on the first post of this thread and make sure to download NW.js for Mac OS X from

    All the other steps should be the same as in Windows.

  • Can I somehow make C3 NW.js version run in the background more efficiently?

    If i'm exporting for example and the window is not active the process will not advance until I return to C3.

    What's more bugging is if I preview in full-screen or a maximized window and then preview again without closing the previous preview, windows will switch to the game window before the loading action is completed and it will take a few extra seconds for the preview window to update, if I alt+tab back to C3 right after pressing the preview button, the loading completes in an instance and the preview updates on the spot, just like when working with a non maximized window.

  • I can't reproduce the closing/crashing issues anymore. NWjs 0.46.1 seems to have the fix, I'd recommend everyone to update.

  • Did we lose the ability to hide the window frame with fullscreen mode on nwjs apps?

    I'm trying to request fullscreen with both the brownser and nwjs plugin at start of the layout but I can't get to "true" fullscreen, the window frame is always there.

    I started a thread here but I got no answer:

    I'm on windows 10, NWJs 0.46.1 and C3 r197-2

  • I noticed that some project will crash in this Desktop build (upon opening) but not in the Chrome version. The trigger seems to be project w/ big images. Not mine, but those of students (age 10 to 16). I have encountered this in a few projects now.

  • relixes - I had this issue when I updated, not sure if the same applies to you, but I was also requesting fullscreen with both browser and nwjs (which always worked before). I just had to remove the nwjs fullscreen action, and leave only the Browser/Request Fullscreen (Hide UI).

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  • Download links for both Stable and Beta releases in the first post now contain a singe json file and an icon. Does this mean the desktop app is officially retired?

    Could anyone please share the latest stable version? The one I have is C80 from 22-Feb-2020.

  • See the updated instructions in the first post.

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