Construct 3 NW.js desktop app [Deprecated]

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  • See the updated instructions in the first post.

  • Oh, it runs "" in NW.js now. Thanks!

  • Unfortunately, as of the latest update, it seems the desktop version now performs identically to the web-based version. Any chance this will be improved in the future?

  • What do you mean exactly? We switched over a lot of NW.js specific code to work the same as it does in Chrome, because it was a large amount of duplicated code. Everything should work similarly afterwards though.

  • I just meant it runs slower now. The desktop version has always been faster / more responsive, but since the latest update it's now on par with the browser version and I'm getting things like:

    -Choppy panning & zooming in the layout editor

    -Editor Textboxes (like for modifying instance variables in the layout editor) take a long time to update, sometimes up to 2 seconds after I'm done typing.

    -Scrolling through the property window or expanding / collapsing properties is really choppy.

    It's as if there's some perpetual heavy background processing preventing the editor from running at optimal speed. This is all in high performance mode / etc. on a high powered ryzen workstation, too.

    Everything else is A-OK and I fully support the direction the desktop version is going in.

  • I don't know what that could be. I just tried it here and it seemed perfectly fast.

    Chrome and NW.js use the same browser engine so I don't know why there would be any meaningful performance difference between them. I would have assumed they were identical. The only recent change we made in Construct is made NW.js run even more of the same code Chrome does, so they're actually getting even closer in our codebase. So I'd have thought even less reason for anything to be different between them!

  • Is there a quick way we can change the Construct 3 project icons? I can easily change the NWjs.exe icon through a shortcut, but the .c3p is the issue.


  • Ashley

    I don't know what that could be. I just tried it here and it seemed perfectly fast.

    You may need to try a really large project because I know what Tokinsom is describing. It doesn't bother me, but when I work on large projects (2000+ events) the interface is sluggish, collapsing groups etc and Construct dialogues feel sluggish. Going to a different layout tab takes a bit to load even if you were just on it. It could also be that I literally use Chrome for everything - I have on average 15 tabs open at once.

  • It's not clear you are describing the same thing - are you talking about a difference between the desktop build and the Chrome browser?

  • Ashley I can confirm that I has many issues with large event sheets when I imported my C2 project, I had to split some of them because it was unbearably slow.

    I haven't opened it in like 3 months, so I decided to give it a go and see something changed.

    The good news is it seems to work faster, though still a bit slow with collapsing events with many sub-events.

    But I did encountered a few bugs on the way.

    1. When I tried to open the project I got a message that I'm missing the greenworks plugin, which I didn't remove. Don't know what happened to it, but I reinstalled it and that's that.

    2. When I tried opening my project (local folder project) it got stuck on the loading screen (no percentage counting showed at any point, just the text "opening") and it never stops.

    I tried to switch to the stable branch (I'm working with the NWjs version, 0.46.3 with the new package.json), but there's no open local folder in the stable branch, only open local file... ?

    So I packed it into a zip and renamed it, and it opened just fine on both the stable and beta branches.

    I tried re-saving the project in a new directory and open it up, still not working...

    Also when I try to open a .c3proj file straight from windows, I get a message that C3 can't open that file and can only open single local files, but I'm pretty sure it worked before.

  • Ashely Oh and I believe what jobel meant is that having chrome running while working on the NWjs version of C3 impact the performance, for me I don't see much affect on the editor, but previewing (popup window) is very slow and choppy if chrome is also running.

  • It's not clear you are describing the same thing - are you talking about a difference between the desktop build and the Chrome browser?


    I'm talking about just in general. I've never used anything other than C3 in Chrome, but I know when it behaves sluggish because I see/feel it.

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  • Chrome's layout performance has always been poor, especially with larger projects. I've reported it in the past and it still didn't receive any major improvements. (It's been 3 years by the way.)

    I'd recommend not using any of the "fancy" themes or as Ashley recommended in the bug report itself, split events into multiple event sheets. Choppy layout view is most-likely just a side effect of this.

  • TheRealDannyyy good to know... I didn't realize this was a known issue. thanks.

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