Construct 3 NW.js desktop app [Deprecated]

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  • Well done! thanks

  • Hello everyone!

    For some time I was busy and didn't work on my project, now I returned and... Where is reload all images button in sprite editor with it's options (reload all frames in current animation and reload all frames in all animations)??? I have dozens of frames in dozens of animations and it's was handy to reload them after I re-render it, update source files e.t.c... I... I just can't continue my project without this! Please help! I remember that they disappear in web-version of construct but still was in standalone and now they disappear from there...(((((

    That's not fun, really! I'm very disappointed by this!

    Update: Did some researches and found that if now I save project as project folder - this buttons returned! Phew, I can continue work on project and it's not ruined! But if I save project as single file - they disappears...(( That was so handy to keep all project just in one file...

    Update2: Wait, button is here, but it looks like it works incorrectly, I'm updating source sprite? pressing the button and it didn't updating it! If I load image manually by "load an image from file" - it updates, but then, when I pressing "reload image frome original source" - it returns it state from which sprite I last saved project...((

    Looks like I need to bug report this. Also saving project as "project folder" takes very long time on hdd (to ssd - it's Ok)

    Creating test case in a clear scene makes construct even crash!(

  • Back in January I outlined our plans to essentially unify the NW.js version with the browser version, moving to a simpler and easier to maintain model using identical code in both. This has now taken effect so both are basically the same now. Chrome with the new native file system features can now do most of the file access that NW.js did, so you don't need NW.js for that any more. The permissions model is different, so you may have to find an alternative workflow, but there should be options there.

  • Thanks for response and (as I saw in bugtracker) that this crash will be fixed in a next release!

    I hope web-version will have all that functionality that standalone has. (in my opinion it's very important functions)

    Updating frames from animations as well as edit sprite in external editor...

    And also, can this be available when project saved as single file, as this was before?

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  • Please help! After I login, the editor immediately crashes (closes). nwjs process keeps running in Task Manager. This started happening today..

    I updated NWJS to latest version, tried Storage Cleanup, but it didn't help.

    How can perform a "deep clean" of NWJS cache and other saved data? Is it safe to delete everything here?

  • dop2000

    If Is that using the last beta

    I had many times the Editor blocked but I'm using the Web editor

  • tarek2 Yeah, this happened after I tried running the latest beta in Desktop app. Now both stable and beta versions are crashing...

  • tarek2 Yeah, this happened after I tried running the latest beta in Desktop app. Now both stable and beta versions are crashing...

    I see

    Definitely is something wrong with the new Beta:

    I never had any issues until I tested the latest beta as it happened many times that I close the preview or a project and the editor became Grey and blocked I had to restart many times.

    I reported it here on this thread but not sure it was the right place to report it.

    Not sure though what you need to do for the deep clean up

    Likely I was on the Web Editor so I didn't have to do anything, now every time I enter I don't update when they ask me so at least I was lucky

  • Deleting all nwjs data didn't help.

    So I ended up changing my password, and this fixed the issue with crashing!

  • tarek2 dop2000 This has nothing to do with the latest version. I'm getting a crash when trying to log in on r210.2.

    EDIT: Changing my password also fixed this issue. Odd.

    Ashley Do we need to file a bug report or are you aware of this?

  • Tokinsom Hoh I see,

    it must be a different bug then, I knew it maybe not related to my bug as he is on the Nwjs version but I thought to report it just in case is related.

    The question now is how in the world dop2000 figure out that you need to change Password to fix that lol, because has no link to the Bug jeje that is what I call "Think outside" the box lamo, I would never guess it by myself to look on the Passwords )))

    Looks like a very weird bug if you can fix it by changing just the password :)

    I wish if Construct had that feature when you make errors in your events that caused Bugs, just go and change the Game Title name and all your Bugs fixed

  • Tokinsom

    You right, yesterday I spend a bit more time than usual doing a demo on C3 for someone and it crashed many times at random. I was using the Web browser r210.2 instead of the Beta so it must be the same issue then.

    It's very annoying as when it crashes you lose the progress.

  • It crashes when I login today (I'm using launcher), has this issue been reported?

  • Have you tried changing your password? See my recent comments in this thread.

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