2019 with Construct 3. Is there a way to monetize web based games out of the box?

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  • I see, yea i'll have to research some rewarded ad options. even a light reward and not a deep persistent option could open up some options like "watch a video for 3 continues.." or something like that.

    Getting into a true RPG, I can see could require some deeper tech, but if something like parse could be made available to construct users, that could be the key. I don't know what

    Also though I would think a web based game could be a "regular adsense" scenarios since it's just a game on a website like any other website.

  • well since web games would be web that's encouraging. but yea i understand that wouldn't include a way of saving persistent data. I can't help but feel like Kongregate would likely have a solution for all of that.. but not sure. someone is working on a plugin for Kongregate and sounds like he's interested in adding more features in time.

  • Hi there,

    I've asked this question in the past and never got a satisfactory answer and wondered if things have changed since then. Seeing that this is a web based game engine it would seem like a great tool to make a good web based game, but i'm not sure if there are any ways to monetize. IAP? web ads? it would seem like this stuff would be plentiful and easy to develop with and for..

    I realize that "with enough know-how" you could probably just write script and connect C3 to various services, but I'm talking about those of us who do not have the javascript chops to script our way to a solution. I'm talking about the same kind of support we have for mobile and such for non coders.

    I remember there was some Kongregate support in C2, but it didn't appear to address a way to use Kredits.. If I wanted to make an RPG or something persistent for people, it would be great if there was some built in ways for players to watch rewarded videos on web, but gold or have banners / interstitials for a web game. All of this is well established for other web games. Support for this would open up a really vast opportunity for the Construct community so it seems like low hanging fruit for Scirra to work on.



    Sup Caleb... we talked on the Kongregate plugin's thread... My 2 cents here, I did go through the kong documentation once and I was able to connect to their services with my Kongregate plugin and to other 3rd party services like firebase, newgrounds, php custom pages and REST services directly developing my own javascript plugins for C3.

    What you ask about kong is possible, but just don't forget that you must have your game submited and reviewd by Kong so you can use Kreds, and it will only work on Kong's portal so moving it outside of it will require a different service. I believe google play is capable of doing so, but haven't read more about it...

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  • One thing that absolutely should not be overlooked is the use of affiliate links. The returns from these can be quite good, you can decide yourself who you advertise and how you do it (with some restrictions) and there is often no or little initial cost tied to it. For example, amazon affiliate links. Also there´s a wide range of affiliate marketing platforms. Implementing the links/banners should work quite smooth. If everything else fails, give it a shot.

  • So to Sotano, that makes perfect sense to be locked in with Kongregate and to require them to approve a game to use their system. This is more than fair for developers who do not want to get into engineering their own monetization solution. It's only reasonable to have some trade-off and i would be more than happy to go that route. There are plenty of games on Kong that are doing very well. As I see it, starting out this is great. If a game were to grow bigger and at some point prove to be advantageous to move to a less limited platform (Kong is big, mind you) then enough revenue is at stake to justify the cost / challenge of growing beyond Kong, but until then I would rather be free to make a game that could be monetized on web with minimal development outside of Construct itself.

    to WackyToaster, that does sound interesting, but it would seem like this kind of service would require lots of eyeballs to make it worthwhile.. In addition while that's great, that would only cover the money side. i'm thinking of a service that would allow me to have an account to store game data as well so (example) an RPG could recall what stuff they have / progress / items.. as well as tracking premium currency and a means to award that for money paid. However for a casual game, one that doesn't require saving data, I could see the affiliate approach being possible. Does anyone know of any casual games that might do this well? A game like slither.io or other more casual / non persistent games could be good perhaps?

  • It always depends on what you deem worthwile, the payout isn´t much different from the likes of adsense. But there are actually different reward models.

    PPC = Pay per click, basically what adsense does

    PPL = Pay per lead, you get paid if the other person does something, like registering for a newsletter (or to a different game)

    PPS = Pay per sale, you get paid (usually a percentage) of what the person buys.

  • gotcha, yea that might be worth looking into. maybe i'll make a casual game where saving data isn't that important.. i found this site called whale cash. seems like it might be viable. Still for me I want account / saving data ideally so this isn't great for an RPG but I do see how it could be cool for a casual game.

  • support.google.com/adsense/answer/1705831

    Provided of course that you can come up with 1 million impressions per month...


    But, some quick googling shows lots of possibilities. This company even claims to have a C2 plugin.


    I'm trying this but unable to figure out how to integrate their api. In the construct games that I purchased there's no gameOver function. Also not sure how to call a function from cloud api.

    Any idea on this anyone?

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