2019 with Construct 3. Is there a way to monetize web based games out of the box?

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Casino? money? who knows? but the target is the same!
  • One issue with IAP is you have to have a backend, and that requires server storage, and that's a whole other can of worms.

    Speaking of currency, something like Facebook's Crypto currency might be a viable option.

    Screw bitcoin though, that stuffs toxic.

    Now there's a thought, let's just add some JS crypto mining code to our games and... problem solved! Then again, we'd all need to make games about snails so that the frame rate keeps up.

  • lol :)

  • I do see your point though about the scope of Construct, but I still say that Scirra could do well to create their own platform...

    Tom is currently working on a new version of the Arcade, and we hope it will be successful, but even if we added payments I doubt it will make it easy to make money from your games. There is a fundamental chicken-and-egg problem: major publishers won't publish to platforms which don't have a large audience, and platforms without major publishers rarely attract a large audience. Multinational megacorporations have thrown hundreds of millions of dollars at this problem and still failed.

  • So if Adsense can do rewarded videos on browsers and other ads via web, what would it take to incorporate that into Construct? That sounds like a fine solution. Could Scirra do that?

    As to Ashley's response, I do understand what you mean about big companies failing at it too.. but if we can open up the possibility.. at least with some turn key solution like Adsense to give web developers a shot at making some money off of a web game, that would be awesome.

    Plenty of mega million dollar companies have tried to make massive hits on steam and fail too.. and yet Construct devs can reach that platform. I would implore Scirra to give web a fair shake at offering some integrated option(s) to make some money off of web games and not leave us to fend for ourselves..

    For years I struggled with Construct games for mobile because we were left on or own to figure out a method to get games onto mobile.. Services that are not defunct like XDK and CocoonIO.. and there were some of those other hybrid solutions (I forget the one I remember messing with)..

    C3 has since incorporated Android as a built in feature and this is amazing.. I hope iOS is still on the radar, but I know android makes this kind of feature a little easier to implement but iOS is still as important as ever for mobile game devs.

    But some kind of way, heck even basic ads or something like that, would be nice to know that we could make a web game and it have some way to generate some income. It just seems like such an obvious platform for Construct to support given its a web game platform at it's core.

  • and i am definitely curious about what this new arcade is going to be like. What would be so hard for Construct to have a Kongregate plugin that supports Kredits and any other options? I know I have Construct games on Kongregate now, I just can't tap into their additional services.

  • So if Adsense can do rewarded videos on browsers and other ads via web, what would it take to incorporate that into Construct? That sounds like a fine solution. Could Scirra do that?

    What about the next 50 services? Why Adsense and not another? What if 90% of Construct users actually want to use a different service? I don't think there's any one right service to pick, and as I mentioned, we can't do them all.

    What would be so hard for Construct to have a Kongregate plugin that supports Kredits and any other options?

    It shouldn't be hard - ask Kongregate to do it!

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  • Why Adsense and not another?

    Because Google is 99% of the market?

    There is an admob plugin and Facebook instant games plugin already for mobiles, for that exact reason.

    You have to admit that this is a good question. Construct is HTML 5 technology, but has no support for HTML ads, but it does have support for mobile ads.

    There are really only 2 proven players here ( web games ), Google and CPM Star

    At its peak I was making $100+ per day with CPM Star ads within Flash games, and by peak I mean a period of about 18 months.

  • > Why Adsense and not another?

    Because Google is 99% of the market?

    Do you have data to back that up? We won't develop features based on made-up numbers!

  • 90% ?

  • You get exponential organic views at Newgrounds compared to all the other portals, but they don't seem to want to do a revenue share, even though they place ads on your games.

  • I am pretty sure Newgrounds gives you a % if they put ads in or on top of your game, but you have to sign up for that, or they have to offer it to you. I did get an offer a while back, but I declined. I preferred to use my own ads or just no ads games with links back to my site.

    If you are talking about ads around your game, well, it is their site, so I don't expect them to share that

  • Very interesting input folks! I definitely am not here to dictate what option is pursed but i think it is fair to say that google makes up a significant share and they are not a fly by night operation. Adsense isn't going away and it's going to be supported for a long time.

    As for Kongregate, I thought a plugin would be something Scirra would support. I will ask them though. Are there any statistics you could share with me to make a case to them about user base / games published.. anything to give them a sense of what kind of ROI they could get for supporting this platform?

    I thought the value to Scirra would be to show that there are more platforms / ways to make money using Construct.

    While adsense might not be the only player, i think it's a balance of scale and dependability. the other 50 services I would imagine do not make up a market share on par with Google. Seeing that Construct has generally favored android (like making apks out of the box!) it feels like staying in the google space would make sense.

    I see it like this.. offer one solid (even if not perfect) solution for us and yea if others want to use another service they can engineer that. I'm simply saying for those of us who would like to explore the web game space, give us one viable option for Web games. There is so much potential to make web games which offer unique strengths that PC and mobile don't. It's just a shame to miss the opportunity to boast Construct supports monetizing web games too.

  • The problem with Google Adsense for Games is its 1 million user requirement. With that, I think only a handful of C3 users would have access to it.

    Out of that I don't know any feasible option for monetising webgames outside a platform, unfortunately.

  • i didn't realize adsense is an invite-only kind of arrangement. that certainly is a dealbreaker for any starting indie game. seems like i've seen some web sites that had video ads.. will have to research.. maybe find a hungry service out there looking for more adopters.. making a construct 3 plugin would be pretty easy i think.

  • That's Adsense for games. Regular Adsense is for anybody.

    Basically, for web based monetised games that can be played anywhere, there isn't much of an option as ad networks, and iap require tracking, and a secure host.

    Not to mention the metrics tracking they plan to sell to someone else...

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