C3 + Instant Games SDK = Much Profit

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  • Just saying, I know there's a topic, SDK is still in closed beta, I dislike subscription model, but if this both put together, it will be as if Construct met a Perfect Girlfriend (FIGsdk) It will be an ultimate tool to create Facebook Instant Games fast and effective, while having lots of fun using event system and visual editor. Now finally it's time for HTML games - everybody was thinking it's just a better flash replacement, it's more than this - keyword is integration, now it's FB Messenger, later other services will start opening API's like that. Supporting 3rd party plugins made for C2 is an ultimate answer for many development tasks, stuff by made by rexrainbow for example.

  • I agree with this! It would be awesome to know if Scirra is working on a plugin like this.

    It seems like Facebook Instant games would be a very good outlet for HTML5.

  • I mean, if you look at Facebook's 3rd reccomendation...

    https://developers.facebook.com/docs/ga ... mendations

  • looks great on a third place, which can mean the API will be integrated into C3 one day

  • The Much Profit is a little iffy.




    How does discovery work?

    Can you advertise in the same ecosystem?

    Do they do html5 ads? lol

  • newt - yeah the profit part is questionable, but I do think that there's potential to get games out there

    Elliott - Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Profit depends on how well you integrate rewarded ads in your gameplay and if your game is fun to play and if you reached your audience. SDK has many cool features to play with friends etc. It's a new paradigm of mobile gaming in my opinion. Facebook will fix discoverability, I am pretty sure. This platform is just perfect fit for Construct.

  • I'd be very interested in trying out Facebook Instant Games as well Is this possible with Construct 3 as of now?

  • That's what we are trying to figure out here. Facebook just opened the platform, SDK is now opened to use for everyone. If there's a FB-Instant SDK plugin in C3 - I go straight buy a subscription and start building.


    https://techcrunch.com/2018/03/15/faceb ... evelopers/

  • We were under NDA so couldn't talk about it, but it's now available in the latest beta:

    https://www.scirra.com/blog/229/faceboo ... onstruct-3

  • Tom - You guys rock!

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  • Tom - Outstanding! I'm definitely losing an evening tonight playing around

  • Tom great-great-great! I go buy a subscription.

  • alright guys, now I am in wow, thank you!

  • I'm typically not the one to bash products and developments, but there is something that needs to be addressed.

    Construct (be it 2 or 3) has this tendency to implement platforms up until the point where the most important thing comes in: the monetization. Then it stops right there.

    This is a major problem (in my humble opinion). The facebook instant stuff is nice, it's good to have and all, but why would one NOT implement the monetization options of the API? It is the single most important thing. If it was me, it'd be "monetization first". No initial release without the one thing that enables users to recuperate their investments. IAP, Admob etc seem to have always been on the ass-end of development, and with the release of the instant games object in beta r91 it's the same.

    It should be the other way around.

    Make it the No.1 priority.

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