Ajax Request Failure with Beta R228

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  • Sorry I've been out of the loop for a while. I tested the demo project on my system many times and have found no issues with the demo when using R236 beta.

    I tried leaving the demo running for long periods of time, short periods, without network connection etc but it has so far worked every time.

    I think it's a matter of continuing to test and try to hone in on the specific circumstances that the load fails before we can report a new bug.

    It doesn't seem to be 'exactly' the same bug as before even if the outcome (the file failing to load) is the same.

    Thanks for the reply and testing. I've not tested much yet with R236 because the bug was not reported as fixed in the changelogs. I'll see if I ever still get the bug.

    tarek2 and jobel and , can you confirm the bug still happens with R236?

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  • There is a chance it was fixed in R236 based on this

    Preview: where possible avoid routing network requests through Service Worker

    But I haven´t tested it yet.

    EDIT: I briefly tested it a couple of times and had no failures so far.

    EDIT2: From working on my project I´m pretty sure it is fixed now. I use this feature heavily and I had quite regular issues with it, but now I didn´t encounter it for hours.

  • I assumed it was fixed since it is no longer happening. It was painfully obvious in my game when it was happening.

  • I did the same test in auto mode with R236 and it did go through 1000 Attempts and it didn't fail even once so I think ist been fixed.

    The only thing that I'm thinking is if it's been fixed by accident it could come back in the future if they didn't find the source of the problem so I hope it doesn't.

    Here is the capx if anyone wants to do more test, is the same one that Grimmy posted just modified it to go in auto mode


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