Ajax Request Failure with Beta R228

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  • Not a bug report of course but I'm occasionally (around 1 out of 10 times) getting a 404 error when trying to make an Ajax request on start of layout. I'm trying to fetch a local project.json file.

    I never had any issues with this in the stable version, so I'm just wondering if this is something that should be expected with the beta r228?

    [Construct 3] AJAX request to 'https://preview.construct.net/colours.json' (tag 'colours') failed: 404

    I did notice that I was running out of storage space in Chrome too so perhaps that could have something to do with it? Although this also happened in remote preview on a device.


    EDIT:I should also add that I put a line of code in to re-request the Json again should the error occur but every re-request following the first request would also fail.

  • I just tried it and it works fine here.

    As ever if you run in to any problems please file an issue following all the guidelines, since usually it's impossible to help you without that information.

  • Yeah it works for me too most of the time but I was just wondering if this could be something that was known in the Beta because I never saw it in the stable version. (seems not) It only happens very occasionally so its pretty hard to repro.

    I'll dig further into my code and see if its a problem my end first.


  • Hi, how exactly can I report a bug if my app uses plugins? If I remove the plugins the game wont even run correctly, so you won't even be able to reach the place where the issue happens?

    Is the only way to create a completely blank project with only the Ajax elements being called? Thanks

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  • make a new project and make a bare bones example of it not working.

  • Okay. Thanks.

  • I'm experiencing the same problem with my project.

  • Mike, I am using Spriter in my project so could it be something to do with the latest Spriter Beta plugin?

    I have scml objects on the same layout that my AJAX call fails when that layout starts.

  • We'll look into that. hopefully one thing loading wouldn't break the other thing loading though.

  • That's great, Thanks! My app depends on it! The error seems quite rare (in in ten or twenty) and I've tried to minimize the number of times it needs to load the file, but when it breaks it breaks bad and I can't seem to find a workaround as even successive load attempts continue to fail. (as if the file is getting deleted somehow maybe?)

    Good Luck!

  • This is looking like it might be a problem in the Construct 3 alpha build. The next time it fails press control+shift+j and then screenshot the error message (if any). I'm assuming and hoping like when my spriter animations fail to load there will be an error message, which might help Ashley fix it if it's a Construct bug.

  • in my log its always just [Construct 3] AJAX request to 'https://preview.construct.net/colours.json' (tag 'colours') failed: 404 which is the file I load at the start of the layout.

  • In today's latest beta of C3 (r229) the error is happening pretty much all the time (in my project at least).

  • I've got the same issue with my game project, and sometimes music files, sometimes ajax loads of text files, and sometimes spriter files fail to load. Just to reduce the potential for errors I removed the use of ajax from my project, but the music and spriter files still fail to load most of the time.

    The frustrating thing is I've spent the last hour trying to make the simplest possible example project which reproduces the problem, and it loads several music files and several ajax loads of text files and I've added a spriter object and so far it's loading everything perfectly. My best guess is it's based on a threshold.. that at some point it tries to load too much at once and that causes failure... at the moment all I can think of doing is continuing to add big memory eating sound and graphics files to the project to see if it at some point the load errors kick in.

    The only other thing I can think of is we should compare our projects to see if they have anything else in common.

  • I can send you my project if you like. What's your email? I can send a dropbox link.

    I have a few layouts in my project but this only seems to happen when returning to a layout (the title screen) from another layout.

    This layout is the first layout in the game but it never seems to have the issue when you first run it, only when you return to it from another scene.

    Also, this is the only scene with more than one Spriter object in it. No idea if that has any relevance or not.

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