Ajax Request Failure with Beta R228

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  • Fantastic. hopefully this well help. send it to mikeuas@brashmonkey.com please.

    With your permission I would only possibly share the project with Edgar (spriter's programmer) in case I can't figure it out on my own.

    Also please in the email repeat the exact steps needed to reproduce the issue.

    Just your short description makes my guess maybe the problem occurs when the game is forced to memory juggle (unload some things to load others)

    thanks very much,


  • Will send in the morning. Its late here (Argentina) but I will send along with steps to repro. No problem. Cheers

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  • Here is a test project I made that loads a local project file with AJAX: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tuthzoi8maxca8a/ajax-file.c3p?dl=0

    I tried reloading the preview 10 times - it works fine for me every time in r229.

  • I think I've figured out the problem. I have a bare bones example here (with no plugins). Mike I dont think its anything to do with Spriter:


    The steps are explained in the example but...


    • in the first scene the file is loaded correctly at start (Based on Ashleys example but Im loading my colours.JSON file)
    • click the button to go to the second layout
    • if you return straight away to layout one (by clicking the button), the file is loaded fine
    • HOWEVER..if you wait 30 seconds or more and THEN return to the previous scene the file will not load correctly. This happens every time.

    P.S. I have submitted this as a bug here: github.com/Scirra/Construct-3-bugs/issues/4422

    It doesn't make any sense of course and was a nightmare to figure it out, but it is what it is. Do I win a prize? :)

  • I confirm I can reproduce this on my system. Ashley do you need anything else to begin to look into this issue?

  • Thanks for the report, I can reproduce. I'll investigate in due course.

  • Thanks for the report, I can reproduce. I'll investigate in due course.

    Awesome. Thanks very much Ashley!

  • What's the best way to retry an AJAX request on failure using jQuery?[SIZE=1]vidmix for pc jiofi.local.html[/SIZE]

    That seems like a question that needs its totally own post.

  • Ashley I think this bug might not be caused by Ajax specifically, Any file might fail to load, specifically files used by ajax, music files, and Spriter scon files.

    I removed use of the ajax object from several of the layouts of my project which were experiencing loading problems of sometimes the ajax, sometimes the music, and sometimes the spriter scon files and even if I run only those layouts which don't use the Ajax plug-in the loading failures persist.

  • Ashley I'm not sure if the problem is back for Ajax loading, but the Spriter loading issue had been fixed for the previous 2 beta builds (321 and 232), but now Spriter objects are failing to load again with c3 build 233. This also is bringing back the music files sometimes failing to load issue as well.

  • We didn't make any changes around fetching in r233, so I have no idea how that could have broken anything to do with that. As ever it's impossible to help unless you can fill out a bug report following all the guidelines.

  • You were able to reproduce the bug before. Can't you simply try the same exact thing you did last time to confirm again?

  • I already confirmed it was fixed when closing issue 4422. I just checked again with r233 and just as I expect it's still working fine. This is precisely why we ask people to file issues following the bug report guidelines - it's rare we can actually solve problems based on passing mentions.

  • Hi there, sorry to ressurect a dead thread but this issue has reared it's head again for our project today. I followed the bug report and tried the demo file and can confirm it is still in there using the latest version released a few days ago.

  • I'm glad you can confirm this. This same bug of things sometimes failing to load seems to sometimes effect music files from loading and Spriter files too.. I have the same issue.. but now it only fails maybe once every 7 to 15 plays, so if you just run a demo once maybe you won't see the issue Ashley

    does the error show up every time you run the example program?

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