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  • Super ScrapBot is a game about a little magnetic robot. Use your magnetic hull to solve puzzles, beat bad guys and save the day!

    The game is still a work in progress so lots of feedback is incredibly appreciated!

    Check it out at:

  • SuperScrapBot V0.018 out now!

    Following some much appreciated feedback I've:

    - Increased dialogue speed

    - Added skip/next buttons to dialogue

    - Increased magnet range

    - Made scrap sparkle

    - Trimmed dialogue

    - highlighted key parts of dialogue

  • Small update today, you can now use the menu's with gamepad and keyboard!

  • V0.021

    • Level 2 is now completely playable!
    • Added level complete dialogue to level 1 and 2
    • Added new dialogue triggers
    • Fixed camera zoom
    • Slowed camera fade
    • Minor tweaks to level 1

    I'm trying to keep everything nicely on the difficulty curve so If you find anything progressing at the wrong pace please do let me know.

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  • i cant seem to pick up the scraps is there a special button or something cuz the drone doesnt feel magnetic by those scraps

  • It is toggled on by default but here's the control list from the page:



    Move: Hold left/mid/right

    Magnet Toggle: Tap ScrapBot


    Move: WASD

    Magnet Toggle: Space


    Move: Left analogue stick

    Magnet Toggle: A

    I'll probably have to add something about the magnet toggle in the dialogue. I was just hoping to avoid it until it was required so I don't overwhelm the player with tutorial text. Maybe my best bet is to disable the toggle until a more appropriate time. What do you think?

  • oh space bar for toggle , let me try that, im playing on desktop

  • just got through to the 3rd level and for some reason i slamed into the wall while holding some scraps and the scraps went behind the wall so ican't get it , it happened the same way when i hit the pile of trash too, thats a bug that needs fix but apart from that the toggle is cool maybe you could add a info or a control button at the start to show controls im someone that jumps into game than reading the text on itch most times

  • Thanks for sticking with it! Did you see the scrap blocks on the other side of the wall? I'm only asking because if you hit a wall too hard the blocks break. Also, the scrap pile works like that, take a look at this gif

    If anything is happening differently to how I've mentioned would you be able to screenshot it for me?

    The idea with the scrap pile is that it spawns 1 scrap every 20 seconds so if you only need a couple of extra scrap after breaking them you don't have to reset the level. Again, that one isn't explained in game I'm just hoping to lead the player into discovering it when the levels get a bit tougher.

    I might however be overlooking the fact that new players like to slam ScrapBot around while learning the mechanics. Could do with watching some live demo's/video playthroughs xD

    Thanks again for playing! Means allot to see people tying the game out, especially in this early state.

  • 20 seconds is way too long and yh that needs to shown too somewhere and it happened again a whole 9 scraps disappeared when i slammed the drone on the far left side.

    and check out my game here and drop some feed back too

  • Happily, I’ll check it out tonight.

    So I’ve been thinking on how best to fix your issues:

    Make regular scrap blocks unbreakable. It’s not needed this early on.

    Reduce scrap pile respawn to 5-10ish seconds. As normal scrap is going to be unbreakable it won’t be needed until later on when I can explain it in dialogue.

    Still can’t make my mind up how to best explain the magnet toggle but I’ll think of something.

    Thanks again for the help!

  • the magnet toggle works perfectly but yh go ahead with those fixes , i would just add a collider on the walls so the craps dont go behind them

  • Wait so is the scrap actually going behind the walls or I it being broken by the wall? A screenshot would really help me fix the issue as they’re all psychics objects already, nothing should pass.

  • its going behind, if ya got discord i could show u some live gameplay

    my discord #xicx8574

  • That would be really helpful but I’m afraid I don't have it

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