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  • my first game ever made with construct, all art is done by me.

    Kill all slimes, get loot and exit this forsaken maze

    enjoy guys , give tips and tell me if ya liked it or not[/img][/IMG]

  • updated with more info stuff

  • Give it touch controls first,then I'll give a review:) pc controls only is a major mistake in my book.

  • cool i'll put that in my to do list then

  • if this is your first game ever that's amazing! :)

    my first game was much simpler :P

    congrats and I am sure you will improve a lot more if this was your first!



  • yh its my first in construct my very first was with unity , glad ya dig it

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  • Great first title. Gameplay uses a couple of tried and tested mechanics. Best way of getting use to game development.

    There are a couple of pointers that I'd add but as it's your first, take them with a pinch of salt.

    - There is a lack of difficulty curve. Enemies instantly kill the player giving no time to get use to the mechanics. This can be very off putting to a new player. Perhaps introduce a slower, weaker enemy first.

    - The camera feels too close for how fast the enemies move. If you still want some enemies to spring up on you, perhaps a line of sight/lighting mechanic would work better.

    - Moving from mouse to enter in a twin stick shooter can really break the games flow. Try using a key or even multiple key options that can be used while your fingers rest on WASD. Same goes for any control setup, nobody wants to do finger gymnastics. Unless your game is QWOP of course xD

    Altogether, a well put together first game. Look forward to seeing what you make next!

  • thanks alot man for trying it out, i'lll add those tips to my notes

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