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  • V0.030 is out!

    Play it here:

    • Remade camera fade controls
    • Fixed level 3 scrap collector bug
    • Level selector now automatically selects the next level
    • Added steam vents
    • Added more details to underground tiles

    Lots of system and graphics polishing. As always, love your feedback!

  • level 3 should have something saying well you're missing10 more scrap or something like, the dialogue of get enoght to fill the the collector is vague i gave up on 2 attempts because of that apart from that keep evolving the game are there come be new things to do besides get scrap ?

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  • xicx Totally agree! The set amount is currently 40 and I'm thinking of reducing it. Instead of a number I'm thinking an "Almost there!" prompt. What do you reckon?

    Lots planned, I write up the majority of the development plans here and use these threads for actual releases.

    To sumerize:

    - Valuable but weaker scrap pickups. I already have everything g in place for these.

    - Circular saw blades, moving and static. There is a reason scrap farmers are missing limbs.

    - Super magnets: magnetic power up that increases ScrapBots magnetic pull until it is depleted or the

    magnet is toggled.

    - Magnetic health pickups. Drop them off at a scrap collector to repair. They’re going to become an

    essential mechanic as the levels get more dangerous.

    - Magnetic bombs. Release your magnet to drop them onto enemies.

    - Magnetic turrets. These would use adjacent scrap as ammo! I also have an idea to have NPC’a with metal

    parts and weapons. I just need to decide if I should go none combat or not.

    - Static turrets that use specific ammo with a drop-off mechanic similar to the scrap collectors. Might

    give some levels a tower defence feel.

    - Magnetic lanterns. I have the systems in place for these. I have an idea to use them with an enemy

    that is scared away by the light from them.

    - Enemies that are scared of light.

    - Enemies that have their own magnet and can try drag you to danger.

    - Enemies with guns.

    - Simple bash enemies.

    - EMP enemies that can disable your magnet.

    - EMP Fields where your magnet is unusable.

    - Moving platforms, not dangerous to the player but will make it harder to move breakable scrap.

    - Magnetic steel blocks for blocking enemy advances. I already have the systems in place for this.

    That said, I should note that I'm going through the slow process of changing the games main tileset! Left the game a little broken but I think it's well worth it. I've not been a fan of the old one for some time but haven't been able to come close to anything better until now.

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