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  • UPDATE: Sombrero is now LIVE on Steam, with a 33% off launch special!


    Steam Page:

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    Hey there! After a first successful playtest last night at the NYC Games Forum, I'm officially announcing Sombrero, a local multiplayer game for (as of now) up to 4 players.

    Press mentions:



    Here's about 9 minutes of playtest footage from the event. Sound wasn't recorded, so what you're hearing is the stage's theme music in the background.


    And a few screenshots:

    There's still some bugs to squash, and a LOT more art to do, but thanks to C2 things are moving along at a pretty quick pace - the work above represents about 2 months of part-time work, though some of the art and the original idea date to about 2 years ago and a stack of Post-It notes with sketches and scribbles on them.

    digitalsoapbox2014-01-21 17:21:26

  • Wow great work.

  • Ethan

    Thank you, kind sir!

  • This looks very cool!

    love the art style and the soundtrack is awesome.

  • CandyFace


    Music is by Nathaniel Chambers of Bubble Pipe Media, who I've worked with on a number of game projects & prototypes and who I couldn't possibly recommend more. He also put a great soundtrack together for an old-school adventure game called Primordia that anyone who likes that kind of game should check out:

    Check out his stuff other at:

  • Very impressive. Nice work.

  • Oh wow, I'll be following this one for sure. You got a nice style going on there. Two thumbs up!

  • Reminds me a lot of TowerFall.

    Looks awesome!

    Is this going to XBLA?

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  • Reminds me a lot of TowerFall.

    Looks awesome!

    Is this going to XBLA?


    I haven't tried Towerfall yet - I should play my Ouya more. The video I've seen shows it to be a bit slower-paced than Sombrero, but the basic idea seems similar.

    Does Construct 2 run on an XBox360/One? I haven't really looked into that, I've just been concentrating on getting it working on Mac/PC/Linux so far. I know PS4 supposedly supports HTML5-based stuff, but haven't looked into that either. If anyone has an opinion/experience messing with that I'd be curious to hear it.

    Chances are I'd look at the Android-based consoles first though. They seem to provide an easier pathway to release, even if I've got to trim a few bells & whistles to get the game running smoothly on them.

  • This looks amazing, well done :-)

  • spongehammer


    There's a new article on Indiestatik mentioning Sombrero here:

  • Based on feedback from playtesting, I've revised the playtest level a bit. Some of the oranges and yellows of the stage were giving the players with orange and yellow shirts a bit of an advantage (whoops!), so I've desatured the state tile colors and shifted them a bit away from yellow/orange.

    Below is an animated .gif of the evolution of the sage from one of its early incarnations, the stage as it was playtested, and the updated stage, which (after a few more gameplay tweaks and bug fixes elsewhere) will be ready for another playtesting round soon.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    If for some reason the image doesn't animate for you, here's a direct link:

    Questions/comments welcome!

  • Would you consider releasing this on the Wii U? Could be great fun with friends.

  • digitalsoapbox this looks awesome. What effect are you using on the waterfalls to make them wavy like that?

  • Dude! This looks so fun!

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