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  • digitalsoapbox yep I'm aware of those animators ;p

    But yeah, Samurai Jack! That's probably what I was thinking of but only seen a few eps of that and waaay more Roadrunner from childhood so...

    You'd be surprised how many people don't know who they are .

    And I highly recommend Samurai Jack as a marathon watch on Netflix.

  • digitalsoapbox Yeah I only seen the first season I think. I was impressed by the simplicity of the style. I always admire shit I cannot seem to do - I'm a sucker for detailing sh*t to the max ;p

    Your style is more Samurai Jack than Roadrunner backgrounds now that you brought SJ up

  • Just uploaded some new footage of Sombrero from a playtest session a few nights ago. Captured at 60fps, so it's nice and smooooooth:

    Comments welcome!

  • Very nice game , congrats.

  • Thanks! It's slowly but surely gettin' there.

  • It looks amazing to be honest. Feels like "the" game that shows what can be done with C2.

  • It looks amazing to be honest. Feels like "the" game that shows what can be done with C2.

    Well, that's a heckuva tall order! But if Ashley & Tom wanted to use some Sombrero stuff to show off C2 I wouldn't be against the idea. Heck, I keep buggin' MS & Sony about their console's HTML5/WebGL support through some folks I know at both places (the footage above was captured IN Microsoft's NY office), but they're a bit unresponsive with hard answers, so anything that can be done to grab their attention to get them to OFFICIALLY respond about supporting C2's required tech I am 100% down for.

    Personally? I'm really looking forward to Insanity's Blade and (awkward name aside) The Next Penelope.

  • Quick Note: If you live in the Boston area, or will be there for the Boston Festival of Indie Games, come check out Sombrero in person at booth S28 in the sponsor area - we'll be set up right next to Microsoft's booth, so we should be pretty easy to find!

    There's a number of new features, characters, and a new stage to play in Sombrero; a good time should be had by all!

    For more info, visit:

    Hope to see some of you there!

  • It's been a few months since I've had the time to post here, but we'll be showing Sombrero again in NYC at Microsoft's offices on Thursday, January 15th, so if you're in the area come on out!

    Event Information:

    New Sombrero updates since the last post:

    • new stages
    • new characters (16 in total, closer to the final 20ish character count)
    • new gameplay options
    • better menus (not very exciting, but still a thing!)

    You can also read up a bit on my (Nick's) thoughts about how to appeal to your game's audience, in a recent article published here:

    I'll be posting more updates on the forums after the event, including new screenshots & gameplay footage.

    If you're interested in participating in the alpha/beta testing for Sombrero, you can sign up to do so at Builds are sent out in batches in a somewhat irregular basis, but if you meet the general requirements to participate in the current testing round you'll get a build.

    Hope to see some of you there!

  • Looks like a fun little game. It reminds me of a real-time version of worms. keep up the good work!

  • Here's a lil' sneak peek of the new stage for those who aren't in the NY area. Art is still in the sketch phase, but you'll get the idea.

    Hopefully I'll be able to capture some live gameplay footage tomorrow with 4 players!

  • In the NYC area? I'll be showing Sombrero again at Microsoft tomorrow night starting at 6PM EST. Hopefully this time I can remember to capture some footage of the new updates for those who can't make it to the event to play.

    Event information:

  • Well, still having video capture issues, but the tile artwork for the newest Sombrero stage is now complete! Just a few more stages and a few more quirks to sort out and we'll be at beta .

    If you're interested in playtesting, please visit and fill out the Google form to be notified when the latest testing build is ready.

  • It's been a long time coming, but I'm happy to announce the soft launch of the Sombrero website today! There's still more content & updates coming, but it's ready for viewing!


    Thoughts & suggestions welcome!

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  • Impressive looking game play!

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