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  • Wow awesome! Looks like pretty funny game.

  • Looks fun!I really like the art. Great job!

  • Sorry folks, been busy w/ real-life stuff and working on Sombrero - didn't realize this was being commented on! More updates on the game front soon.


    I did put in an application w/ Nintendo to become a licensed Wii U developer, but I've yet to hear anything back from them past the initial auto-reply to confirm submission...they don't seem interested in moving very quickly. If they ever get off their butts and provide approval, I'll definitely give it a whirl, they're pretty easy to find used these days.

    Either way it'll support multiple players on Windows/OSX/Linux/whatever else I can get it onto. XBO/PS4 would be pretty rad, but I've not looked very deeply into the likelihood of that w/ C2.


    I think it's the WebGL "Warp" effect if I remember correctly - don't have it in front of me right now but that sounds right. I've dropped it on the layer those tiles are on, not the tiles themselves.

    Everyone else, thanks for the kind words. Updates soon!

  • Ah, what the heck, here's the updated player animations for Sombrero Alpha 2!


  • What are you using for camera movement (not magicam is it?)

    Also just curious, what gamepad did you have the players play on (xbox 360?)

  • What are you using for camera movement (not magicam is it?)

    Also just curious, what gamepad did you have the players play on (xbox 360?)

    It is indeed MagiCam. It's very versatile.

    The gamepads used during playtest were generic XB360-compatible Rock Candy gamepads I found on sale that I could match up to the player colors in-game, which I just thought would make things easier in a live setting. They required a simple driver installation hack, but after that they're working exactly the same as a real XB360 gamepad does.

    I've also tested w/ official XB360 gamepads and a few Bluetooth gamepads using x360ce, including Ouya, Gamestick, and PS3 controllers. My personal preference is towards the layout on the XB360 gamepads, but the Gamestick was a close second, and despite what I've read online about their comfort level it fits my hands perfectly. Basically, I'm testing with everything I can get my hands on, and I have hopes I can get things running on Ouya/Gamestick smoothly (not so far though).

    On a semi-related note, here's the not-quite-finished instructions screen for Sombrero, pretty clearly showing my gamepad of choice:

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • If you're in the NYC area, I'll be doing a live demo of Sombrero at the NYC Games Forum presentation Meetup on February 25th at Microsoft's new swanky NY digs. There will also be six other games being presented, and each will have a Q&A session after. So if you've been wondering how I did X in Construct2, that'll be the time to ask!

    More info here:

    For those who aren't in the NYC area or just can't make it, someone will also be filming the Sombrero presentation, and I'll post that video online w/ links to it here.

    Yay! Game dev is fun.

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  • digitalsoapbox thanks for the updates and info. I like following this project, partly because I'm also working on a four player (coop) game. Keep it comin :)

  • russpuppy Will do! And if you have any 4-player game-related questions, I'll do my best to answer 'em.

    More couch-based co-op games is definitely a good thing; as someone who never really went very heavily into online multiplayer (I'm old-school; my first consoles were Hockey Pong and an Atari VCS), it's great to have more excuses to get folks together for some serious in-person smack-talking.

  • digitalsoapbox I agree which is part of why i'm excited about your project. I'm more interested in making party-friendly games that bring people together instead of just creating more isolation, and I like playing multiplayer games with my kids and friends (in person)

    Thanks for being willing to answer my questions, I'll try not to overrun you with them :). I was wondering--how do you find performance with 4 different player inputs? Have you run into any issues with the game slowing down?

  • russpuppy I haven't had any issues with performance and 4 players. I don't think that gamepads are really sending all that much data, so dealing with multi-player input shouldn't really affect game performance at all.

  • Another quick update!

    Added some new features to Sombrero:

    + semi-random respawn points

    + shield when player respawns

    + explosions caused by ricocheting bullets can now hurt all players

    + many updates to the visuals to make the players stand out more

    This is just a quick video of me running around by myself to test out the new features (and to check if I squashed some bugs). There's still something wonky with sound panning & volume, but it's getting there!

    Check it out:


    *EDIT: Hmm, are video embeds no longer working?


  • digitalsoapbox When did you apply? I know of some devs that applied at GDC and got approved in September. It should be a lot faster now, so it should take about 2 or 3 months.

  • Initially I applied probably 5 months ago. The last time I applied was around 2 months ago. It's...irritatingly slow, if it happens at all.

  • This looks great!

    Out of interest, what's your layout and character size?! It appears to be making a great use of space.


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