Platform Shooter: Little Green Soldier (NOW ON ARCADE!)

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  • Aaaaaand after 4 long years...



    Finally collected some appropriate free music. Here:

    "Epic Song", "Assignment", "Frantic", "Battle Normal", "B-3" by BoxCat Games is licensed under CC BY 3.0

    A massive thank you to all who have been posting on this thread, giving support or otherwise important feedback. It's been a great introduction to gamedev, and I hope to do much more in the field.

    And if you haven't clicked on that link, well, have a go! I promise it'll be worthwhile!

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  • This is a lot of work for something like this. The idea of playing an alien is great. Beginning with the crashing spaceship is great (I was planning something similar for another game I was working on). Music is fantastic in beginning. The idea of absorbing bullets is new (at least to me) yes, but it's too easy just to move about with x being pressed. Also, this game begs to shoot something. Is there a shoot button? I think this could be a lot more popular if you upgraded the graphics and kept the music cool as in the beginning.

  • AmpedRobot Thanks a ton! You must have dug this thread out from several pages in the forum, appreciate it.

    Glad you enjoyed some of the music, although I won't take credit for it -- also, just so I'm sure, what do you mean by the beginning? Is it the title screen and intro, or maybe the first half of the stage track? I'd be happy to know.

    Press C to shoot! This game is a Mega Man Classic homage, so I definitely didn't forget to include that -- and it's how you expend the energy you absorb, after all! You do make a valid point about difficulty though, especially because I recently made the change so that you can walk past enemies without getting damage. I'll see what I can do with that.

    As for the graphics upgrade, well -- I do genuinely enjoy pixel art, so I'm afraid that won't be too likely. But I'm also developing my interest in 3D, so who knows? Maybe Little Green Soldier will get a 3D revamp -- but that probably means migrating out of Construct 2 to, say, Unity3D.

    In any case, thanks again! Glad you played it.

  • very very good game, nice pixelart!

    one note:

    i pressed key [Q] and my hero teleport, going left dont go right to boss, invisible block stop me

  • What screen recording software do you use?

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