Platform Shooter: Little Green Soldier (NOW ON ARCADE!)

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  • byondisoft

    I see. Glad to hear it!

    And thanks again

  • Awesome concept. Make your own music and this will be ace!

  • luvly little game... or maybe not that little -- havent finished it yet! feels good, looks great, sounds cool. congrats!

  • very well done, keep up the good work!

  • Looks awesome, dude! Keep up!

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  • Nice demo !

    The 'Little green soldier" is orange most of the time, though ^^

  • This is... ... ...


    Good work, keep working on this!

  • It looks perfect

  • I liked it!

    good job.

  • Wow, good lord....didn't expect this thread to be rescued after so long....




    (And Jessica Q - I have no idea how to quote names with spaces :< Appreciate the green letters if that was intentional )

    EDIT: oh and how could I forget, even though you guys commented a few months back --



    Thanks a billion everyone!!

    And coincidentally, I've just finished my IB exams! I'm ready to get back on Little Green Soldier, 10 whole months to spare on this before college - but I'll still have to put this off a bit, gotta finish those admissions essays first.

    And haha I do understand the orange thing! Someone else mentioned it too - I'm wondering if I should reduce the amount of energy you receive per fireball absorbed.

  • Maybe he could be grey and slowly turn green when he absorbs energy ?

    And maybe you could make a "hard mode" where he can't absorb too much energy or he EXPLOOOODES ! XD

  • Cool looking game. Great work so far

  • Really digging this! keep it up!

  • Thank You for game

    Very good

  • Hi all, Nixel here!

    It's been a full year since I posted here. I'd like to announce that:

    I'm going to upload Little Green Soldier onto the Arcade!

    I think it's time my game tried stepping into the limelight. That, and the fact that Dropbox and Google Drive have BOTH stopped free HTML hosting, yeesh -- the game's gotta be playable somewhere!

    HOWEVER! My one roadblock in posting to the Arcade is in getting my hands on music that I reserve the rights to use. I've been using OSTs from NES titles, but right now I think I'll have to scour all sorts of Royalty-Free whatevers to make this whole thing possible. If anyone knows about good sources of free 8-bit/chiptune/retro music, please share the knowledge, it'll be a massive help to me!

    After a full semester of proper computer science education, I came back for a brawl with the many bugs in my game. Everyone, if you think Construct 2 gets easier with programming knowledge -- I'm not sure I agree! Construct 2 may wipe out difficulties like learning language syntax and avoiding typos, but it does require you to employ the logic in programming, and for that reason alone I think scripting events in C2 stands as a challenge on its own.

    Anyway, I've only managed to pull off these fixes:

    • Fixed that ANNOYING graphical bug for the HP/energy bars, which at low values would have a random sliver of black on their left.
    • Enemy collision damage is no longer a thing! Everyone who has playtested the game found it frustrating and unnecessary. I agree, because I did make the gameplay to be timing-based -- it makes sense to let you also play with the timing to sneak past enemies.
    • Reduced the major bug on Bomber enemies -- where they would sometimes freeze up after throwing bombs -- to rare occurrences. Still trying to figure this out, and it's infuriating.

    I can't say for sure if this project is dead or alive. On one hand, I love everything I've done in it -- I love my character Green, I love the antagonist I've crafted, the backstory that's been swirling around my head all these years -- but I also want to pursue greater dreams in 3D animation. It's a struggle, but for now I'll put this game on pause. I definitely want to revisit this someday -- I have so many plans for it.

    Ratmaster mikewalton206 pabloukiyo CARO I don't know why I didn't reply to you guys all this while, but thank you -- sincerely! Receiving your comments during my long filled me with determination. (For those who catch the reference -- guess what game I just played!)

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