Platform Shooter: Little Green Soldier (NOW ON ARCADE!)

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  • Stuck at the loader... doesn't load anything it seems :/

    *EDIT* I left it there on the background and after some minutes it loaded... how heavy is the game? it would be interesting to see how you're trying to load balance the events, since perhaps there's some issue of you trying to load everything at the very same tick.

    As for the feedback, nice megaman vibe going on there... I enjoyed playthrough of first level. There's some finetunement needed here and there (you could for example absorb the boss shots that go below you while you stand safely on the platform (I guess that's not intended, it seemed very easy).

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  • striimix

    Thank you so much for the feedback!

    I'm still figuring out what's causing the load problem. It works fine when I run it straight from C2, just not from the link.

    I don't have any specific events to balance the loading - I guess I'll look into it?

    And thank you for playing! About the boss shot issue, it was kinda intended - I made the absorption hitbox one pixel wider than it seems to be, so that the overall gameplay is more comfortable.

    Since you've brought it up, maybe I'll tweak the height of the platforms, or maybe of the boss itself.

    Quick question: were you able to figure out that you had to shoot the boss in the mouth?

    I'm wondering if I should leave some clues about it - most of my playtesters (i.e. school buddies) couldn't work it out.

  • yup, I figured it out quickly.. but then again, I'm really old school gamer (started in 1990s with C64... so probably I'm used to being a clueless gamer trying all the possible things to find out patterns and reverse engineering the game in my mind while playing it...) maybe for the average player it might be good to have some clue (like make the boss flash or something when you hit in the mouth, and otherwise remain normal when shooting at wrong places.) Also, perhaps you could even have different sound effect on hitting the mouth.

  • striimix

    I see! Hahahah I may be young, but I've been strangely attracted to NES titles since I was 12. I've gone through Mega Man 1 & 2, Castlevania 1 & 2, Contra etc. I intentionally tried out the "no hints boss battle" thing, just to invoke that pattern-finding gameplay in old platformers.

    I'll definitely try inserting some clues though, since not every modern gamer is like us.

  • Nixel Some nice titles you've been playing to! In the end it all boils down to whom you are making games for =) If you want to implement some pattern finding to the game, you could include phases to the bosses just like in the alien hominid For example, once you destroy some body part, another body part becomes vulnerable etc. Good luck with this project, it's really nice direction you're going to. Did you make the tracker music yourself by the way?

  • striimix

    Nice suggestions. Thank you!

    Haha, the music is stolen...I used:

    • Alien 3: Title Screen (title screen)
    • Alien 3: Prisoners Die (intro cutscene)
    • Journey to Silius: Stage 2 (level)
    • Snake's Revenge: Boss Theme (boss)
    • Legendary Wings: Credits (post-level cutscene)

    I'm still playing around with Famitracker. I'll come up with my own soundtrack, like, next year. :<


    Alright, here goes! This version appears identical to previous ones, but it contains the following changes:

    • A boss explosion sequence (as opposed to just having it disappear abruptly)
    • A death animation (blatant shoutout to classic Mega Man!)
    • A bug fix on the Bomber enemies (they used to not die if you shot at them too fast)

    Note that


    - I've yet to figure out the cause of the problem. Sorry folks....

    Just leave the tab on for a while and come back to it - do give the game a try

    If you've identified any bugs of your own, please do inform me. Thank you!

  • He's Back!!! Load time was about 15 sec sec in the new Edge Browser. Chrome was around 25 sec.

    The only bug I've found was that the bombers would stop lobbing bombs at me. The next one to come into range would work fine. I replayed several time, often without a hitch, but they did occasionally stop. Will try to play on chrome tomorrow.

    Like striimix, I figured out the mouth pretty quickly. No school like the old school ahh QBasic....

  • JPBreau

    Oh the bomber bug is still there? Darn it, I thought I'd fixed it once and for all....

    Super useful feedback, thank you so much! I'll see what I can do about the loading time and bomber thingy.

    Hahahah old school is awesome! Glad you liked it.

  • Nixel AWESOME JOB!!! I just played through the demo. AMAZING!! I loved alllll of it!! I'd go for a jump button - but if I was using my nes pad/snes pad while playing, up isn't an issue to jump for me. I'll try it out later and hopefully it'll work (it does for IB so I'm assuming there will be no issue!)

    Keep it up! I'm glad to see this one hasn't stopped!


  • damainman

    Hey it's been a while, so glad to see you around!!

    Ehh I thought I had space bar as jump too? Hmm....

    Hahah once I'm of age and get my credit card, you can bet I'll buy IB first thing in the morning

  • I agree with another post.

    It does feel like Megaman but more enjoyable as the it's easier to play.

    It has a nostalgic appeal and it's done the right way.

    Two things:

    -> Is the player not supposed to shoot when crouch?

    -> The "Clear!" message seems to be kind of hard to read.

    Hats off to you.

  • Nixel Maybe you did? I just went for the buttons next to the other two automatically XD - I tried it like directly when I got home from work so I was a little burned out XD! I'll check it again. If you have twitter, pm me your account and I'll pop you a key for IB

  • byondisoft

    Thanks for trying it out!! Making an easier Megaman was what I set out to do, because I hated that enemy bullets could stop you in your tracks in those games.

    I liked the idea that crouching was supposed to let you duck and bide time to plan, rather than for more ninja shooting.

    But I'll see about it - if the feedback continues, I might just implement the shooting controls for crouching.

    I agree with the Clear message thing, good point! I might slap on a box behind it or something.

    Thanks again!


    Haha no problem, I understand!

    Shucks....I don't have twitter D:

  • Nixel: You are right. The way it's done now gives the player time to plan making the game more strategic. I say leave the crouching as it is now.

    Keep up the good work.

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